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  1. Anyone has any experience with this tower case? Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 Closed: Tempered glass: Supposedly it can fit up to 12 x 3.5 inch drives and has many cooling options.
  2. I observed the following: BTRFS pool, unencrypted, 2 x 500GB SSD. All my containers started, including Plex, Nextcloud, MariaDB, a few -rr containers (sonarr, etc), a few torrent containers, UniFi controller. Cache write 47GB / 12h. BTRFS pool, unencrypted, 2 x 500GB SSD. Most my containers stopped, including Plex, Nextcloud, MariaDB, a few -rr containers (sonarr, etc), a few torrent containers, UniFi controller. Cache write 38GB / 12h. XFS single 500GB SSD, unencrypted. All my containers started, including Plex, Nextcloud, MariaDB, a few -rr containers (sonarr, etc), a fe
  3. I can confirm that the UPS reporting is now also gone for me. Any chances of bringing it back?
  4. I love the community support most of all, ease of use being a close second place. What I'd like to see added in 2020 are easy VM snaphots and backups.
  5. Thanks @S1dney, I was affected by the cache pool bug and just fixed it! Cheers!
  6. Hi, I managed to isolate my issue to a faulty container as described here I guess my problem is not caused by the image file mounted as a loop device. Thank you to everyone responding here and for your suggestions!
  7. Hi, I recently had the exact same issue with the exact same scenario. I explained it here but it seems that my assumptions were incorrect I was going through the excercise of encrypting array disks one by one and my unraid would stall consuming 100% CPU, 100% RAM and would constantly read from one of the cache SSDs at 200mb/s. I isolated the issue to the docker itself but was not able to find out which container was responsible. Once stalled the GUI was unusable, docker stats would never load and I could not kill the dockers. The only way out of it was to disable docker se
  8. No, not running an encrypted SSD cache pool, it's unencrypted. I read that some people have problems running encrypted SSD pool so I left it alone. What is weird though is that I had literally zero problems running 6.7.2 for a long time. Iencly recently decided to encrypt data array and this is when the problems started. I just finished encrypting the last disk and after parity rebuild is done I will restart the machine to see if it fixes the issue. For now I deleted the docker image and recreated it. I turned all the dockers on again and after a few minutes both CPU and RAM went up
  9. Not mine Reddit threads but they are all recent and all related to "loop2". I will recreate the docker image when I'm back at home, I had to disable reverse proxy and guacamole so I cannot access the VM now thanks for the tip!
  10. Hi, I have the same problem. RAM gets 100% consumed, all CPUs go to 100% as per the GUI graph. What is weird though is that htop is not showing full CPU utilization. One of the two cache SSDs is being constantly read at the speed of 200+ MB/s and unRAID gives an error of hot drive. I have an unencrypted SSD cache pool, two 500GB Samsung drives. Running 6.7.2. iostat is showing that loop2 is responsible for the massive disk read. The problem goes away once I disable docker for good. Then after I start the docker service and just one container, after a few hours
  11. I can confirm the same behaviour on RC4. I do indeed have VMs and dockers with assigned IP addresses. Update: my log fills up to 100% after one day with a flood of these errors. Is there a way to pinpoint which container/VM is responsible?