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  1. I am also seeing this bug. I can change the global temp for warning under Settings > Disk Settings. I cannot click the drive link and set the warning temp for any individual drive. The field displays the global value and does not allow editing.
  2. That's okay. No problem at all. Thanks again for all you do.
  3. Hooray!!! Success!!! Here's what I did: I had a little trouble deleting my Valheim folder from APPDATA but I got it done via the Unraid console (I am not a UNIX guy 🙂 so I had to look up the commands.) Then I installed again and, with the clean install, I copied my single player world files into the "worlds" directory for the docker. I left the docker template mostly the same. I only added these things: GAME_PARAMS = -console so I can use the manual save feature (this is not work, FYI) Server Name = [my server name] World Name = [my world name] Automatically Update Game = false Backups to keep = 12 That's all I changed. I immediately saw the server in the Steam Servers list. I launched from Steam and - within Valheim - went to the Join Community tab. I hit Refresh for the server list and waited for all 9000+ servers to load. Then I used the filter to find mine, but it didn't appear in the list. I tried this multiple times but after 30 minutes the server still didn't appear in Valheim's list. So I clicked Join IP, entered the IP address and port, and hit ENTER. It joined right away and displayed that weird password screen (the one without any buttons). I entered the password, pressed the REAL ENTER key (not that fake key on the NUMPAD). Boom! I'm in! I'm so happy we can play together or separately now. Thanks, @ich777 for another stellar solution.
  4. Sorry. That screenshot is not my own. I googled it. But it is exactly what I see. I tried it with both fullscreen and windowed and the password screen is exactly the same.
  5. Yes. It's weird right? Anyway, I got a response from reddit that said you have to use the main ENTER key and if you use the NUMPAD ENTER first, the focus leaves the password field and then the main ENTER key doesn't work any more. I will re-install and let you know how it works.
  6. Hi @ich777. I was having trouble getting through the password screen so I read the Blog guide again. Originally I had ignored the Network setting of br0 and the static IP. Everything worked except the password screen. I stopped the docker, changes the network to br0, added the server internal IP (this should probably be the external IP?), and restarted the docker. But now it won't start the docker at all. I get a 403 error. I've never used the br0 network option before. So I have uninstalled the docker and removed the valheim folder from the appdata share. Should I reinstall and go back to the default network setting?
  7. It looks like everything worked fine. I just get stuck at the password entry screen for the server. The password screen displays, I can type in the password, but pressing the ENTER key does nothing and there is no OK button to click. I'm googling for answers but if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong, feel free to chime in.
  8. Hi @ich777, I came here hoping to find a Valheim docker and bam! I should not be surprised that you already did it! Thanks so much. I am reading all the posts before I install the docker. I think I have everything ready but I wanted to ask a few questions first. 1. Does your note above mean I should leave the Validation variable blank during the first install? 2. After install, should I make the variable True?
  9. Thanks, @HyperV! Sorry for being such a newb, but I don't see an emhttp dir in my /usr/local/ directory. I'm using Krusader. Perhaps I should be in the console instead?
  10. Hi, @ich777, Thanks again for all your work on the MinecraftBedrock docker. Question: I have a world we've been running in your docker. Now some of us want to start a new world. But we want to switch back and forth, playing World #1 some nights, World #2 on other nights. In the Java edition this was easy. Just put a different world name in the file. Is this possible in the Bedrock docker as well?
  11. Oh wow. How did I miss that? I'll fix that and report back. Pretty sure that's my problem! Thanks!!!
  12. Only 2 players on the server. Adding a third player makes it even worse. We will do some testing and let you know what we find.
  13. What we see in game is lots of lag. For example, as you dig with your pickaxe, you find that blocks don't respond immediately. Or, when you eat food, it doesn't get consumed right away and can take 10-30 seconds. For another example, when teleporting or exploring the world, the world slows down significantly and the server fans get really fast and loud. That link is helpful. Thanks again.