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  1. Has anyone been able to get this working with a cloudflare cert? I can use either the one or a tower.local one and it will work fine but if I use the cloudflare one it just doesn't load teh webgui. there's no error it's just unavailible. Of not is that if I run: then the output is "CloudFlare Origin Certificate" not There's also no intermediate certs, just the main one and the key
  2. I can now confirm that every container update will wipe all your notes
  3. Is set this up a couple days ago and spent a good while adding notes. Today I've woke up and gone to check it and everything is gone, I've checked trash and it's empty, then I've checked what has and it's only got settings and tree. The only thing I can think that could have caused this is the container has run an update in that time. Any idea if that could be it and how to avoid it happening again?
  4. Updated zsh. Try again. This has fixed the issue, thank you very much
  5. I'm having trouble with zsh. I've added it in NerdPack and it downloads but doesn't install and I can't seem to find where it downloads to
  6. Support thread for the docker container to self-host Flam3rboy's discord-bot-client Note: This is just for the container, links to the code are bellow To update the container stop and start it Original site: Github: