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  1. Hello, I woke up today to see all my websites were offline. Found out it was a database issue. The MariahDB docker image was orphaned. A quick google search said to reinstall the docker to fix the issue however when I did that it installed a fresh copy of the docker. Did I lose all my websites data? Can this be reversed or fixed? Thanks
  2. Yes please. I am getting tired of the constant reminders to upgrade to RC7. Cant because my PLEX server will lost HW Transcoding.
  3. Anyone else seeing this issue on their server? When I apply the fix it doesn't work. Not sure if it because there is a space in the URL: v2.xml Seems to be working otherwise but really don't like warnings hanging and I also don't want to hit ignore. Thanks!
  4. It turns out the configuration on my UniFi controller needed to be reloaded. Traffic was not passing through port 443. Now I have a new problem with the container... Is there a way to fix this?
  5. I did this and I can connect to it internally but not from any outside network. It was working perfectly while proxied (orange cloud) through cloudflare. I am not sure why it stopped working all of a sudden. I guess I will look elsewhere for an explanation. I just dont get why it broke all of a sudden.
  6. Hello, my server rebooted recently, ungracefully due to a power outage, and now my domains are reporting that the server is down through CloudFlare. I have Cypto set to Full as Flexible does not work for me if that matters. I tracked the error down to mean that WordPress is blocking the IPs from CloudFlare so I tried to add the CloudFlare IPs into NGINX but I cant get it to work. Here is how I did that: Created the file cloudflare-allow.conf with the whitelisted CloudFlare IPs (contents below) and put it in the same location as ssl.conf and nginx.conf # # IPv4 allow; allow; allow; allow; allow; allow; allow; allow; allow; allow; allow; allow; allow; allow; # IPv6 allow 2400:cb00::/32; allow 2606:4700::/32; allow 2803:f800::/32; allow 2405:b500::/32; allow 2405:8100::/32; allow 2a06:98c0::/29; allow 2c0f:f248::/32; Edited the site-conf default file for my main site to add the lines: include /config/nginx/cloudflare-allow.conf; deny all; Restarted the LetsEncrypt container. This did not work so I am not sure I am doing this correctly. Can anyone lend a hand to advise the proper way to do this or if I am even barking up the right tree? Thanks,
  7. Hello, there have been quite a few updates to the container since this post. Can you please tell me if this was enabled? If so how would one activate it. Also, is there somewhere that I can check for release notes on updated to the container?
  8. Exactly. Also we’re asking for them to be included, not enabled. Having the option to use it or not is all we want.
  9. Awesome! Thanks so much. Will make this Wordpress project seamless having that integrated. And, allow me to use that user credential database for other services.
  10. Thanks so much. What about php7_ldap integration into the container? Would really love to use the PLEX for LDAP container with my Wordpress sites. Thanks again,
  11. Can anyone please tell me why I am seeing these wget errors in my log? Also any change of getting php7_ladap added to the container? Thanks,
  12. Looks like there are issues with the latest UniFi-Video updates from Ubiquity. This is what I am seeing for my alerts:
  13. Hey guys, is there anyway we can get php7-ldap integration? Or if its already possible to be used can someone explain how to turn it on? Here is my usecase: I have a Wordpress site that I am trying to use LDAPforPlex (that was just added to CA) in order to allow my PLEX users to log in using the Plex accounts. Unfortunately the Wordpress plugin I am trying to use is telling me that the LDAP-extension is not loaded and that without it I would not be able to query a LDAP server. Any help is greatly appreciated as always.