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  1. You don't need to address it to anyone, just post your questions.  That said, be sure to Search and Read before posting questions that have already been posted and answered.


    You might want to start in the General Support thread... https://forums.unraid.net/forum/55-general-support/


    that old post you replied to was just about how to Tag a specific member so they get a Notification and will see your post.  If you need LT support, then @limetech is the correct tag. 

  2. On 10/28/2021 at 6:38 PM, Pauven said:


    If this is true, then why does the problem only appear after upgrading to Unraid 6.9.x?  

    I had the same questions but I'm unable to provide more technical information about why this happened.  As you said, there was updates on the Linux side (good thing) with 6.9.x and this issue was born.  I see this as Linux continues to evolve and LSI and Seagate have to keep up to remain compatible.  That said, this is just my opinion and there are way smarter people here than me who can talk to this.  What I can tell you is that with EPC disabled, I've had zero issues.  I'm running 6.9.1 because 6.9.2 all my drives remain spun up :(


    @ReLe  It looks like Seagate  has changed the file and folder format again with their tools.  For example, the command I used did not have the word RedHat in it. 


    Back up your data and at your own risk, try again using the version of SeaCheast that I have attached for you.  The files are from June 2019 and they work perfectly.  Due to file size limits, I only attached the Info and PowerControl utilities.  PM me if you want any of the other tools that were part of the zip file.  I personally didn't need any of the others.


    Unzip and give it a try again.  I used this version on my system, and you can follow the instructions on page 1 of this thread, exactly


    Be sure to run the Info command first to see what the current state is.  Confirm you have the correct mapping.


  3. On 9/3/2021 at 2:17 PM, Squid said:

    I think you should always be running the latest stable.  Personally, my two production servers always run either the latest stable or the latest RC (whichever is newer).

    I tried 6.9.2 and my drives would not spin down.  Therefore I rolled back to 6.9.1 and I 'm testing to makes sure the drives spin down like they should.  If you are not worried about the drive spin down issue, then 6.9.2 may work for you.

  4. @klepel  Thank you!  I cannot believe that I saw nothing out of place, yet the issue was looking right at me, wow.  I didn't notice that the cache drives were no longer assigned. That explains my issues.  After assigning the drives, everything is back to normal on 6.8.3. 


    Take away for me is to remember to review those release notes :)


    Now that I emergency is over, what do you think about staying on 6.8.3 vs trying 6.9.1?  I have downloaded 6.9.1 zip, but should I just wait for 6.10 stable?


    @Hoopster Oh thanks for the reminder about manually upgrading.  It's been so long since we had to do it that way, I forgot.


    I thought we only copied a couple of files back then.  I see there are several bz* files now.  If I decide to try 6.9.1, I assume I can just copy the highlighted bz* files to my flash, and there is no need to update any other files on the flash, meaning no need to update files from the syslinux directory, as example.  Is that correct?



  5. Was on 6.8.3 with no issues.


    Upgraded to 6.9.2, everything was working great except my drives would not spin down, so they remained up all the time.  Because that will take life off the drives, I decided to use the GUI to rollback to 6.8.3.


    I now have the follow issues:


    -Missing shares, some are there and some are missing.  Those missing are not accessible, "Share not published".  However, the conf files for shares on my flash drive look ok, nothing missing.


    -Docker says it cannot start, most likely corrupt.  I did see an error for one of them saying my Automation path was invalid.  That's one of the shares missing.


    I posted in a couple of threads and was told to start a new thread, so here we are.  I want advice before taking any further action.  I'm now worried that going back to 6.8.3 is the problem.  I have downloaded 6.9.1, but I'm not certain the process to manually upgrade.


    Update : Marked as Solved.  The solution is to read the release notes, especially when upgrading or downgrading major releases, 6.8x to 6.9x


    6.9.2 before downgrading tower-diagnostics-20211125-0835.zip after downgrading to 6.8.3 tower-diagnostics-20211202-0939.zip

  6. no, I was on 6.8.3 before upgrading to 6.9.2  So I just used the Upgrade OS tool to rollback.  


    However, no sooner than I posted here, I noticed that some of my shares are missing and my docker won't start.


    I found in another thread to check folder permissions for /mnt/user and it indeed has the wrong permissions.  I'm trying to fix that right now.


    Is there a issue going back to 6.8.3?  Should I, and how do I get to 6.9.1?  The GUI only offers the latest version.

  7. On 3/16/2020 at 10:03 PM, Frank1940 said:



    Your problem is right here.  The permissions are wrong for  mnt/user.  They should be:





    I have this issue.  Everything was working great until I rolled back to 6.8.3.  I couldn't stay on 6.9.2 because all of my drives would not spin down.


    After the downgrade, I had no dockers, error saying could not start, and I am missing shares.  I found this thread and found that my /mnt/user permissions don't look right.  I looked at the flash drive and the conf files for all of my shares are still there.  




    Based on this thread, it looks like I need to change the permissions to look like this,



    I don't play much at the command prompt so can somebody kindly share the commands to fix these permissions?

  8. After upgrading to 6.9.2, I've noticed that my drives do not spin down like they should.  Sometimes they will spin down, or some of the drives will spin down, but as of about a one week ago - most of the time they do not spin down.   I'm running the same 5 dockers as I've been for a long time.  I've made no other changes to my system.   I do not run any VM's and there is nothing using my server that requires the drives to remain spun up.  I've been on 6.9.2 for about a month and I only noticed the drive won't spin down issue about a week ago.  I do not know if this issue is related to the upgrade, so I'm posting here in General Support.


    I confirmed that Disk Settings is still set to spin down after 45 minutes.


    I don't see anything in my syslog related to this issue.


    diag file attached




  9. It's my understanding that the issue isn't with Unraid at all, so the answer would be never.  If you have a LSI controller and Seagate drives, it's best to just follow the instructions and disable EPC to be safe.


    Again, my understanding is that the issue is with combo of LSI controller and some Seagate drives.  We need updated LSI drivers that could help address this, or updated fw from Seagate that addresses it.  Let's hope new Seagate fw at least has that EPC disabled by default

  10. I disabled the EPC and did the upgrade and haven't had any issues.  I guess the EPC was the issue, because as I mentioned in my other post, I wasn't able to disable the lowpowerspinup.  As long as you disabled EPC, you should be good to go.


    Based on input from others, it sounds like future unraid version will not effect us.  The issue is with LSI and Seagate.  We need updated LSI drivers that address this, or updated fw from Seagate that addresses these issues.


    For me, I'm moving back to WD drives.  I used those for years without any issues.

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  11. @Squid  new issue that may be related.  When I go to the Plugins page, the status for each plugin says Unknown.  I click on the Plugins header at the top and it will come back after only 10 - 20 seconds and say unknown for status.  I have to do this 5 or 6 times and then it will take about 2 or 3 minutes to come back and then say Up to Date.  I've never had this issue before.


    Now looking at my Docker page, it now says up-to-date.  However, if I click on the Check for Updates at the bottom, each one just spins, same as before and I get the error in the syslog.  The docker page never recovers, will spin forever until I go to another page, Main for example.  When I go back to the Docker page, it will say up-to-date.  So the check seems to work (maybe), but given the syslog errors and the fact that the docker page never refreshes, something is still wrong.


    I've tried changing to another ISP DNS, but that didn't help.


    Any ideas?