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  1. 16 minutes ago, visionmaster said:

    I tried updating to 6.9.1, 2 weeks ago from 6.8.3 which has been stable for years.  I had the Seagate drive issue after the drives spin down and then spin back up, I start getting read errors on 2 versions of my Seagate drives (ST8000VN004 and ST8000VN0022).  Once reverting, no issues and stable again.  I just tried to upgrade to 6.9.2 and immediately back to same 2 drives and spin up read errors, so I back to stable on 6.8.3.  Hopefully fixed on next update.  Those are the only type of Seagate drives affected on my system.  My 4TB Seagates work fine.  My drive controllers are Supermicro (MV88SX6081 8-port SATA II PCI-X Controller and MV64460/64461/64462 System Controller, Revision B).


    First, you'll want to read and decide if you want to make the suggested drive fw changes. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/103938-69x-lsi-controllers-ironwolf-disks-summary-fix/


    Can you confirm which controller you have these two Seagate drives connected to?

  2. Ok now we have several Seagate models affected, something is just not right here.  Does anyone know what has actually changed and caused this?  Can the Unraid team fix this in a future release or does this mean that for everyone running Seagate drives are at risk?  Even if the fix works today, how do you know it will be ok in the next release?  It seems there is a deeper issue here that must get addressed.


    With all of this, I'm staying 6.8.3 for now and continue to enjoy my trouble-free server.  I don't have any spare drives to test with and data loss is not an option for me. 


    A fix that does not involve messing with drive fw or options would much appreciated.

  3. Thank you all for this thread, very helpful.  I'm still on 6.8.3 and I have several Seagate ST8000NM0055 (standard 512E) firmware SN04, which are listed as Enterprise Capacity.  I just checked and Seagate has a firmware update for this model, SN05  I also have several Seagate ST12000NE0008 Ironwolf Pro drives with firmware EN01, no firmware updates available.  My controller is a LSI 9305-24i x8, bios P14 and firmware P16_IT.  I've had zero issues, uptime 329 days.


    I was thinking of using the Seagate provided usb linux bootable flash builder and boot to that and run the commands outside of unraid.  Given I only have seagate drives, I will need to do them all.  Has anyone tried this with success?

  4. 14 minutes ago, DuzAwe said:

    I have almost all Seagate drive and have had no issues.

    That is awesome to hear!  I think it may have to do with which controller is in use.  Mine is a LSI 9305-24i x8.  I see you are also running LSI card.


    Weird how some are having the issue and some are not.

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  5. Has anyone using Seagate drives updated to 6.9.2 yet?  I'm still on 6.8.3 due to people posting that their Seagate drives were having errors and dropping.   As posted by @TDD, the issue is a result in a recent merge into the combined mpt3sas driver and kernel.  It was all fine under 4.19.  TDD also said that he reported this bug , so I would like to know if 6.9.2 fixed the issue before I try to upgrade.  I have not made any changes to my Seagate drives and my server is rock solid with no issues and uptime is at 329 days :)


    I would rather not have to disable the EPC or the low current spin up settings on all of my Seagate drives if I don't need to.

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  6. On 3/10/2021 at 1:17 PM, TDD said:


    I believe it to be an issue in any recent merge into the combined mpt3sas driver and kernel.  It was all fine under 4.19.  Disable and await any non-firmware fixes later.  You can then re-enable the aggressive power saving if you wish.


    I have had zero issue since this fix across all my controllers that are LSI based.



    Hello Kev, just checking in with you to see if you still have had no issues with your Seagate drives?  I have the Seagate tool on a flash drive ready to go, but I'm  holding off for a while to see if the super Unraid team will fix this in the next update or not.  I would rather they address this issue so I do not have to make changes to the drives.  The other concern is all of my data drives are Seagate, so if things go wrong, it will be really bad for me.  My server has been up and running with 6.8.3 for 322 days straight without any issues.  Yes, I'm knocking on wood right now LOL.


    Did you officially report this as a bug?  From what you stated, it sounds like a mpt3sas driver / kernel issues that could be fixed in a future unraid update.  With so many people using Seagate drives, I'm surprised that there are not more people reporting issues after updating.

  7. Hopefully others will chime in and know what that error is.  If it were me, I would start eliminating possible causes.  First, turn off all dockers and leave off, and see if the error continue.  Try to pin it down to the specific docker, if that is even the issue.


    I saw an older post from 2016 where the Signal 15 Caught, Saving and Exiting error was related to sabnzbd


    Did you run the Fix Common Problems ?

  8. 12 minutes ago, BRiT said:

    @optiman did you do the steps listed by another user who said it fixed things for him in the 6.9.0 thread?




    I saw it, but I would rather not have to disable the EPC or the low current spin up settings if I don't need to.  That's why I'm asking if anyone out there has the same drives as I do and upgraded with no issues.

  9. Now that there are at least two different Seagate drive models with issues after upgrading, can anyone confirm they upgraded with no issues with the same drives I have?




    fw:  EN01




    fw:  SN04


    LSI 9305-24i x8 controller

  10. good stuff here.  I just installed this docker.  I too tried setting the unraid dns to the pi-hole IP and found it to be way too slow.  I read here unraid should have real dns ip address.


    I also set my router dns to pi-hole ip address.  The issue I have now is my asus router is configured to issue the dns of pi-hole ip via DHCP.  That works, but also pushes the router ip as a second dns ip address. I am looking into how to correct this so the router dhcp only issues the pi-hole dns ip.


    I do see these errors in my unraid log, but everything seems to be working.


    Jan 22 12:03:24 Tower kernel: igb 0000:03:00.0 eth0: mixed HW and IP checksum settings.
    Jan 22 12:03:24 Tower kernel: igb 0000:04:00.0 eth1: mixed HW and IP checksum settings.


    any ideas?

  11. some basic troubleshooting tips would include:

    -Do you have the current bios for your motherboard?  It sounded like you were behind on unraid.  Updating unraid on outdated motherboard bios can cause issues for some motherboards.

    -test your monitor on another pc to confirm it still works.  At a minimum, even if unraid won't boot, you should see the motherboard bios or some logo, something?  You should be able to enter your bios.  If you cannot do that, you have a server hardware issue.

    -If you monitor is confirmed good and you can enter bios, see it booting, try booting to anything else, a different usb bootable OS, or bootable CD, another hard drive OS, anything to prove your motherboard is still working as expected.  If any of those are successful, then you need to focus on checking your unraid usb flash drive.  Like I mentioned, one of the first things to check is the file system on your unraid usb flash drive.  I use Windows 10 to do that.

    -If you still get nothing, you need to focus on your server hardware, power supply, memory, and any addon pci cards.  It's likely that something has died, my guess would be power supply.