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  1. What is a good split level for Movies if the source structure looks like this Movies/Action/Transformers/files Movies/Drama/God Father/...files What about a Backup share, that has all pictures and docs Backup/Apps/Nero/ I have my movies set to level 2 now and my backup to 1. I didn't mean to set the backup to 1, just goofed. Should I and can I easliy change that without any issues? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the post, I knew there would be a good wiki and troubleshooting source! Exactly what I was looking for.
  3. Thanks Joe. What program do you use to copy? I'm using TotalCommander.
  4. Just wanted to close this one out. The delayed write errors were really the cache drive running out of space. I'll check the Future Options request area to see if there are plans to change this in future upgrades. It would have been nice if the server would have just started writing directly to the drives when the cache drive got full. That said, I would rather have a disk full issue than a darn delayed write one! Thanks for all of the help.
  5. Thanks Matt. Tips on troubleshooting why the Mover didn't kick off? BTW, in looking at the options I think I get most of it, but what the heck is Local Master? mine is set to No. Why isn't there Sticky's on this board of the most common questions?
  6. My cache Mover didn't kickoff, meaning it didn't move anything. What can I check to investigate? Also, I can manually hit the Move Now button and it works fine, but I noticed that it leaves the directories on the cache drive. Shouldn't that move Everything off? Thanks
  7. Not sure why, but the cache drive is now moing files....Main page is now showing 78gb free and increasing....guess it just takes a while. What is the best process to disable the cache drive, without loosing anything? Do I just stop the array and remove the Cache drive on the Devices tab? While I only have 1 data disk right now, I have 7 more to add and I want to use Split Level so my data is stored using all available disks. Thanks!
  8. ok, I'm trying to figure out how not to loose what I already have on the cache drive. I've gone into the Shares tab and selected Move Now, but nothing is happening. The cache drive still shows 26gb free. The settings on the cache drive are , Min free space = 2000000 and Mover Schedule = 40 3 * * * I'm watching and refreshing the Main screen and do not see the cache drive free space increasing, meaning that it doesn't look like the cache drive is moving anything??? When I connect directly to the cache and disk1, I see most of the files are still on the cache drive?? I'm thinking t
  9. no the mover is scheduled to run once a day... once you have filled up your cache drive (moved 320gb of data to it) then it is full and the mover needs to run to clear it for you BEFORE You can add more... it sounds like your problem is because you reach 320gb(filling your cache drive) and there is no more room for more info. I would disable the cache drive if you are moving LOTS of information over (initial dump on the server) and use the cache when your daily data addition is less than 320gb. Cheers, Matt woops, so busy trying to save the pics and upload, didn't see this
  10. I hear what you are saying, but if it is not the unraid server, then why can I copy gigs of data to and from my xp system to my ReadyNas without issues? It seems to be pointed at the server, in my opinion. That said, I do have a mac, so I'll connect to both my readynas and unraid server and try the copy that way. I don't have my xp laptop with me right now, but it has sp2 and I can try that as well next week. While I feel is pointed to the server, MS OS do suck. I took a few screen shots, see attached file. Also on the server, I have Local Master set to No and smb ports are defau
  11. atari is a friend of mine and we are working together to resolve this issue. We both have the same exact nas hw, down to the case. I now have an account so I'll post some answers and more questions. First, I have XP sp3, which means none of the hotfix solutions apply, but thanks for posting anyway. The hotfix recommended is for XP sp1 systems only and cannot be installed on a system with sp3. That said, I did a search and it doesn't appear that MS included Q321733 in sp3, thanks a lot MS! I also searched and was not able to find any post sp3 hotfixes for delayed write errors. I als