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  1. I'm running v5 rc6 test now, no issues with the new build. I did have a weird thing happen when I tried to use my new flash drive. Re above, I prepared the flash drive and then copied all the files from my existing flash drive to the new one. I then replaced the two main files bzroot and bzimage with the files from v5 rc6 test. The system booted normally but after the server was running, the ARray was not running and it only saw 2 of my 9 drives. So I just did a Shutdown, put the old flash drive back in (updated those files with v5 rc6) and it came up fine, Array was running and it sees all drives. The new flash drive should have worked, unless there is something weird about having a fat32 64gb size drive. I even made sure that my config files were the ones from my old (working) flash drive. I'd like to understand why the new flash drive didn't work. Syslog attached. Thanks! syslog-20120724-184538_newflash.zip
  2. I don't have the HP Format tool. Ok, how about FAT32? I was able to use my imac to format it to fat32. If that won't work, I'll go find the HP tool. Thanks update: the make_bootable batch file worked with it being FAT32. I've copied everything and as soon as my parity check is complete, I'll reboot using this flash and this new release. Almost there....
  3. ExFAT is not FAT. FAT is required. Ah, I didn't remember that. Man, I setup my original flash drive back in 2009 and have drank way too many beers since then...LOL Ok, so my options in Win7 64bit OS to format this flash drive is exFAT or NTFS. No FAT option exists. I was expected to see FAT32 listed as a option at least, wtf. I guess I will need to find another system that will allow me to format in FAT.
  4. Ok, I'm going to move to this version and I would like to use a new flash drive. I have a Kingston 64 (super crazy read / write speeds) and I thought I would do a mostly fresh installation. Allow me to define mostly. I want to use the make_bootable.bat and start with all fresh files from the AiO. The only thing I want to take with me is the config directory, as it has my share, disk, and other config files. I'm already running v5 rc5. I just thought I would interduce a new flash drive for the new release. My existing flash drive is from 2009 and has been in my unraid server the entire time. I formatted the flash drive as instructed, leave format as default which is exFAT. I then copied all the files from the AiO to the flash. Set volume name to UNRAID. I go to a Command prompt (yes I ran as Admin). When I run the batch file, it confirms everything and issues the syslinux.exe command. I then get a error that says...This doesn't look like a Valid FAT file system, then errrors out and ends. Did I miss something?
  5. I must be missing something but I had the unmenu APC plugin working fine until I upgraded to v5. Unmenu is all gone and I have the SimpleFeatures installed, as well as Plex. I just can't figure out how to get the APC plugin working. When I go to the page that has the list of plugins for v5, the APC is listed but with no download link or instructions. Ok, you can download the picture of the APC battery icon, but that's it. Does any one have the APC plugin working with v5? I havce a brand new APC NS 600. I need to get that configured to auto shutdown when we lose power. Thanks!
  6. I guess we have to wait for the guy who created this plugin to fix it.
  7. post a syslog. As far as I know, it has NOT yet started upgrading parity if the array is not started. It is waiting for you. Joe L. Exactly, as I said it was not started and I wasn't sure if I should start it or wait. I would wait if it was busy doing something. I guess the thing to do was Start it, so I just did. It's building the partiy now..... Update: The parity build process completed with no issues. I'm now running a parity check for the first time on this new parity drive. All good so far... Update: Everything completed fine. The parity drive swap worked with no issues. I have now moved to v5 rc6, so moving on to then next thread...
  8. Ok, I had to replace my parity drive today, v5 rc5. I did a parity check and zero errors. Powered down, swapped the drives, power up. The array was not started and showed a Red dot next to the missing drive it was looking for, as expected. I selected the new drive as the Parity drive (drop down list). At the bottom next to where it says the array is STOPPED, it says Upgrading Parity... The syslog is jamming by so it must be doing something. hd led light is flashing regularly too. My question is, should I Start the Aray and Start the Partiy Sync, or wait until the Upgrading Parity task is complete? Thanks!
  9. Ok, I'll do all of that and report back. By the way, is there a APC UPS plugin that works with v5? I can't seem find it re Searching. Everything I find is for unmenu, 4.x. I just got a new ups today APC NS 600. I need to get that configured to auto shutdown when we lose power. Thanks!
  10. hi Joe, So would you recommend that I move to rc6 TEST? If that release fixed issues for you and you have the same mb as me, then perhaps I should use that build. So that I understand, when you did have the issue, your network connection would actually drop? I don't think I've ever had that issue where my server dropped off the network. Thanks
  11. No, I didn't check any of that because I've had my server up and running since 2009 without this issue. It only came into play when I went to the v5. I need Joe or someone to tell me where this is failing based on the screenshot. I'm hoping they will know where in the bzroot loading it stopped. I would think that if I had any issues with the items you listed, I would see a lot more troubles. As mentioned, when my server does boot, it works just fine.
  12. Ok, I've had a boot issue evey since I left 4.7 Final. Sometimes my system will freeze on the loading of the bzroot file, several dots go across the screen and then it will show this screen and freeze, see attached screenshot, sorry it's not more clear. Can anyone tell me what is causing this to stop? I have to hold the power button down to kill it and then try again. Most of the time, it will boot normal.
  13. The 8168 test is for people with realtek hardware that doesn't work properly, I think this is the 8169 driver being replaced by the 8168 driver. You don't need the 8168 release unless you're affected by this particular issue. Thanks, that is what I figured but wanted to confirm. What is weird is I have a realtek network port on my Super Micro C2SEE motherboard, yet I do not have any network driver issues. This is what the specs are for my mb, Network Controllers 1 x Realtek RTL8111C Gigabit Ethernet Supports 10 BASE-T, 100 BASE-TX, and 1000 BASE-T with RJ45 output By the way, its mentioned above about a v5 rc6 release. That release isn't out yet, only rc6 TEST is out re what I see on this forum. The rest of us are on v5 rc5.
  14. I no longer receive the email notifications during a Partiy check. I do get the hourly "I'm OK" emails. Also, if you change the time in between notifications, for example from 1 hour to every 4 hours, the plugin dies and stopps sending any emails until you reboot the server. Anyone else have this issue?
  15. Discovered a new issue today with email notify. I'll post this in that forum, but wanted to see if anyone else has this issue. The email notify works fine, sends emails every hour by default. If you are running a Parity check, it no longer sends email notifications for Partiy Sync updates (progress). You continue to receive the normal "I'm OK" emails even during a parity check. Another issue with this same plugin is if you change the amount of time in between email notifications, for example change it so it only emails you every 4 hours instead of every hour, the plugin dies. It stops sending emails altogether and until you reboot the server. Stopping and starting the services doesn't help. On a separate topic, I also have a freezing issue on boot up when loading the controller drivers. I posted that questiopn in the rc6 thread...
  16. Hey Joe, I need to swap my Parity drive and add another data drive. Any news on when you might have a button for PreClear?
  17. sorry, but just checking in after being gone a few days...and now I see rc6 8168 test. I'm running rc5. Is this release for a specific group, or should everyone now be on this new TEST release? My only issue so far is when I reboot. Sometimes the system halts at boot and the screen shows it was at the point of loading the hd controller. I have to cycle the power. It sometimes takes a few attempts and then it will boot normally. The array never reaches the point to come online so I guess it's not critical in terms of screwing with your data, but it sure sucks. I will take a screenshot next time it does it to share. I have the Super C2SEE and a Adaptec RAID 1430SA card. I'm at 12TB with 8 drives in the array + parity drive + cache drive. Anyone else have this problem?
  18. is this thread dead or what?? No replies worries me that we will keep this alive. Anyone know where the Plex server log is stored re our Unraid setup? I'm troubleshooting some choppy playback and need to review the logs. Thanks!
  19. Hi Joe! Yes please! Please do write one. Thanks!
  20. so there is currently no plugin for PreClear for version 5? if true, then we cannot peform a preclear in version 5. Like I had said, I have never done it, took my chances on previous drive swaps. I just thought if it were easy, I'd do it for my next drive swap.
  21. so the preclear process is still Command line, no button option appear when a new drive is detected?
  22. what is the current recomended process for version 5 then? I think the only thing we skip is the preclear stuff. Is that easy to do with v5?
  23. I'm sometimes getting chopy playback and Plex has been running a long time. I'm thinking I need to monitor my cpu and memory to find out. I see the cpu and memory graphs on the Stats page. How much memory is recommended? I only have 4gb of ram so perhaps I need more. Anyone else notice performance issues re resources?
  24. Cool, did you follow the same steps as I listed? Did you do the pre-clear, and if yes, how?
  25. Has anyone had to replace a drive yet with version 5? Is the process the same as before, or has it changed? In short, this is what I've done in the past; -run a parity check -power down and replace drive -power up and confirm unraid can see the new drive -Some people run a pre-clear process, but I've never done that and don't even know how... If we should do this step, I hope this is a button for this and no command line junk is needed. -Rebuild the drive -When all done, I run another parity check -done. Thanks