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  1. ok, entire server is very unresponsive up to stop playing video file
  2. the Mover cannot move faster than the disks in the array. Even Windows does not use that much CPU to move/copy files, no matter the file size
  3. mine needs to run at every hours or on demand when im doing manual downloads but, why the high CPU use?
  4. was wondering if the Mover was sucking all the life out of the CPU, and...
  5. hitting refresh on the Main tab when the Mover is running
  6. here's the situation: in Sonarr, when a new download of an entire season has complete, the Mover gets moving from cache to the array, then my CPU all maxed out making the server unresponsive. Even the Main tab takes a long time to refresh and any other tabs also. And, if I'm watching a video on Emby, it completely stops. Trying to refresh Emby page makes it spin and spin... Once the Mover ends moving, everything comes back to normal To my knowledge, the Mover should mostly wait for disk IO and take little CPU Everything is up to date Any ideas whats taking all the server resources?
  7. reinstall of the apps did fix them all
  8. yes probably, just copied the config folder from the old flash backup to the new USB drive is there another folder that should be copied over?
  9. Had a boot drive failure recently and managed to recover the config folder from an old flash backup But, since the recovery, the docker apps show a ? icon (see attached) And, if trying to apply update, "Configuration not found. Was this container created using this plugin?" pops up in the update window Any ideas to recover the correct config of course, without losing any config data? Thanks in advance
  10. now all my Docker apps show ? as icon except Emby If I try to update them, getting "Configuration not found. Was this container created using this plugin?"
  11. USB drive is broken. But, found an old flash-backup files dated 2019 rebooted with a brand new USB drive. config folder was overridden from backup still have a few errors on docker apps, like Emby, Jackett, etc
  12. looks like it got lost overnight... still can navigate inside unRaid. I will manage to copy it out of the array