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  1. Any clues to why NHOS does not see my AMD card? It is passthrough correctly since it displays the connection status through the HDMI monitor thanks for the article
  2. thanks for your input itimpi ok, I will try to exclude appdata and (re) upgrade again to see if that fix CPU issue
  3. Dynamix Cache Directories plugin is installed but the "Scan user shares (/mnt/user):" is set to No I reverted to 6.8.3 and CPU activity is back to normal
  4. probably, but vs 6.8.3 does not do that
  5. upgraded from 6.8 to 6.9 stable and noticed high CPU used and slow xfer at ~200MB/s instead of +1GB/s between NVMEs its not constant 100% but alternating on different HT Always same Find command /mnt/cache/appdata taking 100% CPU thread Never noticed that CPU spike on 6.8 release and havent change anything before and after upgrading server-diagnostics-20210301-2306.zip
  6. I tried that and it does work. Still have to do it on another PC because the KVM keyboard and mouse only show in the list then The best would be to have the devices dynamically linked once they are connected
  7. got ya! but that plugin requires that the VM is already started to attach the USB devices. thats my dilema: the VM wont start if those USB devices are not connected at launch and the devices, in my case the KVM USB keyboard and mouse, wont show up in the device list until I switch them up
  8. Just noticed that I can remove the USB keyboard and mouse while the VM is running So, same rule here: why cant I add the USB keyboard and mouse after the VM has started?
  9. Here's the situation: I have a monitor with KVM switch that is connected to a regular PC and to the Unraid server. I want to pass the keyboard and mouse to a Windows10 VM on Unraid. To do that I have to switch to another PC (or RDP to the reg PC) to make the keyboard and mouse available to the Windows10 VM Edit page. So far, so good, no issue. But when I am on the reg PC, which is now the active keyboard/mouse of the KVM switch) when I want to start the Windows10 VM, below error is thrown: "Did not find USB device..." Yes, absolutely right! But, Unraid shou
  10. yep, got it Looks like falty cables. I changed both Thanks trurl
  11. I do. its just that Disk3 had a few gigs left. Once full then Disk4 will be in service
  12. when I pushed on the disk power cable, I heard the drive spinning up. Now its up and greed so, I just have to remove Disk4, Start the array then shut it down and put back the Disk4, right?
  13. Last thing I did is to Gather a folder (out of the Disk4 to Disk3) with unBalance plugin. Then I cleared the stats and boom! 1st the Disk4 had the red X the same for Disk3 a few seconds later. server-diagnostics-20200802-1627.zip
  14. What should I do to recover Disk #3? Disk #4 has no data
  15. when it starts or reboots, hit the F2 a few times, you will enter the BIOS menu