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    Likewise confused - did you manually re-paritition those HDD's?  If so you can leave them as-is if you want as long as they're not assigned to parity since they are slightly smaller as you indicate.  If you want to re-partition, it is necessary to either unassign parity disk(s) or go to Tools/New Config and unassign that way.  Now, with array Stopped you should be able to click Erase button for each of those devices.  Upon next array Start they will appear Unformatted and subsequent Format will create default partition layout for an HDD (4KiB aligned).


    Thank you both. :)

  2. I am currently in the middle of a rebuild of GOLIATH using Beta 25, after taking a detour down the OMV lane - don't get me started on that one. Anyway it would appear that I will need to repartition my EVO drives, but at least I have nothing on them. I have my Docker containers on a separate SSD pool (Intel) and they are properly formatted at the 1MiB-aligned. But on my array I have noticed that two of my Seagate 4TB NAS drives (prior to IronWolf drives) that two of them are 1MiB-aligned while the rest are 4KiB-aligned. Which explains while I was building them I was getting a message say the Parity drive was not the largest, so I moved them around. All of the drives in the array are the same model as shown. So I am a little confused here shoud the HDD be 1MiB or 4KiB aligned? How should I proceed? Since I am in the middle of a rebuild should I updated to Beta 29 and start over and reformat all drives?