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  1. Any idea why the download speed is so slow? I see this with different hosts
  2. Hey mate. No idea why you are using this way to route traffic via binhex-delugevpn. Just leave the defaults settings for Radarr, but within radarr > Settings > General > Proxy eEnable it and under hostname use binhex-delugevpn ip and the contairner port. I'm talking about this guide.
  3. Hi @binhex. I'm trying to test the speed within the container, and I'm following @SpaceInvaderOne video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7Qly7a_-M0 When I try the command pacman -S speedtest-cli I get the following errors: Anything I should do, don't do? Google results are showing to update pacman with "pacman -Syyu"
  4. The only solution is changing from a monthly account to a one time payment which is not bad.
  5. If anyone here is using Mullvad, they made some changes in regard to port forwarding and an active subscription.
  6. I'm receiving this message after the latest update. My external sonarr/radarr are now unable to connect. Where should I add those 2 lines?
  7. Hello. So I installed this docket to give it a try and is running fine. I'm trying looking for a guide to use it once it is installed. Currently, I'm using swag to access some of my container (radarr/sonarr/etc) remotely. Do I need to do the same for Shadowsocks? Thanks
  8. I just loaded Plex on a seedbox and is working fine. Doesn't seem to be an API ban
  9. Anyone experiencing this issue with Rclone+Plex
  10. Just got this same issue. Was working fine until today? Tried everything and no luck
  11. Hi all. The mount script is not starting the dockers. I see this on the log But the dockers are not started,
  12. So I'm running the script but I get this "No matching media share for disk" the path to TV shows is: /mnt/user/media what am I doing wrong?
  13. Looks fine. I'm guessing the host path you have is to a download folder under /mnt/user? Within Deluge > Preferences > Downloads. What paths are you using?