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  1. Thank you for all your help. I am psyched that I had no drive loss. With the current prices of storage and potential loss of tons of data I was worried I had failed drives. Without your help I would of probably taken the loss and went storage hunting.
  2. Good news is that my speeds have been fixed by replacing all my sata cables. The bad news is that two of my drives still show as unmountable unless I format them so I would lose all the data they currently contain. Any ideas on how I can get them back online without wiping them?
  3. I ordered 12 sata cables so that I can replace all my current old cables I have been using for years. I will update you tomorrow once the cables arrive. Thank you for your help.
  4. I recently had some errors during my parity check so I did not think much of it and tried to repair it. The parity repair was running an average of 600kb/second on a 12tb drive. I noticed that another drive was emulated so I tried to drop one of the two parity drives to replace the emulated drive. That also was running the repair at under 1mb/s (average of 600kb/s). Then I reverted the drives back into their original position. Smart is showing no errors so I tried using a docker of Drive Speed and the results I got from it where: Even the slower drives have spee
  5. So I found the option to plug that in but it asks me to verify the settings change by sending me an email to confirm the change... Since emails don't work I am stuck in a vicious cycle...
  6. I finally got rocketchat to work but any of the email functions don't work. For example when I put in an email address to invite a user it never does anything (no messages). When I sent out a test email using the mailer in settings it says "the emails are being sent" but the emails never arrive. Is there another docker or setting I need to setup for these features to work?
  7. So I spoke to the LanCache team in discord and they are blaming this container. Honestly I don't think that is right either but at this point I plan on deleting LanCache unless somebody has another idea for me to try.
  8. Even if it was due to downloading two copies, I have a symmetrical gigabit connection and the speeds I get are closer to 5% of my bandwidth. I have tried pointing the DNS from to (upstream) but no change. I will now try pointing it to my Pi-Hole DNS that sits inside my network. EDIT: Even when using my local DNS (pi-hole) as my upstream, the results are the same.
  9. Hopefully somebody will respond with a solution to this issue. Clearly there are many out there with the same problem as us.
  10. I am having speed issues too. I have a symetrical gig connection to my ISP and my download speeds on steam are 60mb/s before I installed LanCache. After the install I am getting 2-15mb/s tops. Once LANCACHE has it cached it works perfectly (80-90MB/s). So right now I have a love hate relationship with it. I LOVE it once it has the files cached but I HATE how much it slows down my first download ^_^; I am running this docker on unRAID with the following specs: CPU: Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1240 v5 @ 3.50GHz HVM: Enabled IOMMU: Enabled Cache: 128 KiB, 128 KiB, 1024 KiB