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  1. Jellyfin supports Quick Sync since it is based off Emby 3.5.2 I see. I might get off lucky with direct playing through my 4K Samsung TV via DLNA and it'll leave a lot of headroom for what you've just mentioned. Thanks!
  2. I plan to use Jellyfin for my media server software of choice. It will be internally mostly (depends if I decide to go out or I decide to give access to someone else outside the house). The CPU is just barely below the 4K SDR requirement (I might get away with it without Hardware Acceleration for one stream). But looks like I'll mostly have to use Hardware Acceleration. Thanks!
  3. I am planning to build my own media server with unRAID as the primary OS. I have ordered an i5 8400 and I have only just thought of the question "is it overkill for my needs?" My library consists of mostly 1080p HVEC Movies (with some 4K HVEC & 1080p H.264 & 480p movies sprinkled in). And mostly 1080p HVEC TV Shows (with some 4K HVEC and 480p HVEC sprinkled in there). It's mostly just going to be my family using my server (haven't organized any connections with my friends yet). It's maybe a bit late now (and I can simply use the excuse that it leaves headroom for other stuff). But I want to know so I can make the best CPU and overall build options next time.
  4. I have not used unRAID yet because I am going to build my first custom NAS server soon. I plan to use unRAID as my OS of choice because it is easy to setup and has Docker intergrated (which is being removed from FreeNAS soon). I am moving from my Synology DS218+ due to it being quite limited and being (argubly) overpriced for the hardware that it has. I also want to experience what building a PC is like (since it's the first time I have ever done something like this). I have read through this thread and have seen so many people have fantastic experiences with unRAID and I hope that I will have a fantastic experience too.