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  1. Thx to all who responded. I was impatient and figured out that the version of PMS that I was using was deprecated. Not realizing that I could download a new version and point to my old database (per instructions posted above), I deleted my database and had to rescan all libraries. It was a PITA. Highly recommend following instructions, updating to non deprecated PMS and point to your old database so you don't have to go through fixing matches again (like I'm doing now). Regardless, my problem is fixed.
  2. I have stopped and restarted the container. I have also stopped and restarted the server. Same outcome.
  3. I'm having issues with PlexMediaServer on Unraid following an update. I just used the unraid webgui to do the update. I didn't notice any error during this process. It now says "up to date" under version. This is what the log looks like for PlexMediaServer now: Feb 16 15:42:00 Tower cron[21]: (CRON) INFO (pidfile fd = 3) Feb 16 15:42:00 Tower cron[21]: (CRON) INFO (Skipping @reboot jobs -- not system startup) setuser: user plex not found setuser: user plex not found (repeats indefinitely) Also, plex can no longer see my tower so I have no access to my media. Any advice would be appreciated as I could find my little info on this error.
  4. Thanks. I just came back to report that it was the PSU. It's just over 3 years old (thermaltake PS-TPD-0750MPCGUS-1). I swapped the connectors feeding the hard drives and the server started normally and is running a parity check. The prob with the PSU appears to be isolated to one of the connectors. I've reached out to Thermaltake to see if they'll replace under warranty. For now, problem appears to be solved. Thx!
  5. Syslog attached. Please let me know if you want to see anything else. syslog.txt
  6. All, I'm having an issue suddenly with Unraid. It started yesterday when my array spun down and unmounted randomly. I started the array and noticed shortly after that it had unmounted again. I figured that a reboot was in order and I went ahead and updated the firmware per usual (used USB creator then replaced config file with old, added license). When I booted with this new firmware, the system lost power and rebooted automatically. This process now repeats over and over and I can watch it happen. As soon as I get to root login, power is lost, and system reboots (not just unraid but my server). I did some troubleshooting. I reverted to the old firmware and nothing changed (same problem). Then, I did a fresh install of unraid (6.7.2) without porting my configs over. This would allow me to see the web GUI. However, as soon as I try to assign drives (have screen shots so I know I'm assigning them correctly) the system loses power and reboots. I ran a memtst (admittedly only for a few hours) but I don't see that as the issue here. If I don't assign any drives, the system will never lose power. I've thought about the SATA and power cables--they have all been re-seated with no change. I can see all of the hard drives in bios and in unraid. There is no indication that there has been a drive failure (appear as "healthy" in unraid while not assigned to the array. In addition, I can feel the drives spinning when I press my finger to them--so I'm pretty sure they are getting power and the system can see them. Any ideas as to what could cause this? I feel like it has to be a hardware issue but would rather not go through replacing every component until I find the culprit--I'm hopeful that someone might be able to point me in the right direction.