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  1. This helped all these years later even in Windows 10. 🍻
  2. I'm not sure this is related to this containerized instance but I'm not getting any log entries at all in my debug.log even within the container. I haven't had an entry since 2021-05-12. Could this be I'm throwing no errors or more likely something isn't right. I've tried setting log_level: to INFO, ERROR and DEBUG. Nothing. I have log_filename: set to log/debug.log Are others still getting debug.log entries?
  3. Make sure in your config file you have STDOUT set to true and check /mnt/user/appdata/chia/logs/plotting I don't use chiaharvestgraph My disks don't spin down. Balls are always green
  4. Something doesn't sound right. Can you post a screenshot of where it says connection closed?
  5. Anyone found a way to map a new destination drive while the container / plotter is running? My USB drive is full and I have 6 plots going... I hope I don't have to stop progress 🤓
  6. I'm thinking USB issue. I want to move the Drive getting the I/O errors to a USB 2.0 port but then i have to re-boot unRAID.
  7. Been getting these spammed to a disk log for an new external USB Easystore. I think it may be a connection issue. Drive seems to be working fine. No SMART errors.
  8. This is becoming quite an issue. When adding another external USB drive, this time to the USB ports in the front the disk shows up in the GUI as Dev 4 and given a (sdf) with mount option. It will disappear in the GUI and reappear at random, over and over. It spams the log with: 2021-05-23T07:49:14-04:00 Tower unassigned.devices: Disk with serial 'My_Book_25EE_35504A42374A3542', mountpoint 'My_Book' is not set to auto mount. If I click unmounted then re-mount it will show up no longer as Dev4 (as previously experienced) and can not be used in unraid as intended. Now I have to re-boot every time I add an Unassigned drive. This will not work for my use case. Is there a way to disable UD so it can't see new disks added but keep the disks I have in UD as is? Then I can just add disks via CLI? Will this conflict with the fstab settings? See disk log: unassigned.devices.log
  9. After updating to 1.1.6 it now throws some errors when starting Swar Update: pip install -r requirements.txt solved it.
  10. Interestingly when I installed 1.1.5 it showed up as 1.1.6dev0. There was a issue on GitHub about this as well with a direction to delete a .json file. The devs said it wasn't an issue. My 1.1.6 shows up as 1.1.7dev0 as well. Note that I did not use the container template by Partition Pixel. I manually entered the official docker URL location
  11. Thanks for the explanation about not being recognized as removed. In the testing above I did have one disk in USB 2.0 and one in 3.0. I'm using the ports in the back of the motherboard (I/O shield) I'm noticing some weird transfer speeds back there with the 3.0s. It's running at ~ 90MB/s. I'll try the front header ports when I get a chance. Waiting on an adapter to re-rout them to the back. Will report back.
  12. UD is up to date. Hit refresh in the UD section of the Main page. (Got Success notification) Tried un-mounting and remounting Un-mounting disconnecting, reconnecting mounting Drives are definitely spun up as I moved a test file in both to check (ball is green) after that still says can not read attributes / capabilities for both disks. still shows sdi, sdj. if I click Download smart report it just turns that page black. I am getting drive temp, read / write speeds capacity, usage. what should I try next? Edit: Another thing to note is although I have these drives mapped to a Docker container, and the mapping has been working fine for a week... the Container can no longer see these two drives. Edit: Reboot fixed it.
  13. Got it. Wish I knew how to show that. Well looks like my previous issue is back. I unmounted two 8TB Easystore USB drives. When I reconnected them they showed up as sdi and sdj. Were previously Dev 3 and Dev 4. Now when I click on the device name (sdi, sdj) no information shows up. No attributes, no Capabilities, no SMART info etc. This is for both the drives. But I can them with smartctl. It briefly worked after I updated to 6.9.2. Thoughts?
  14. Well, thought I was safe from the sync issues but alas. Sync status: Not synced Not synced or not connected to peers Current Blockchain Status: Not Synced. Looks like Docker on unRAID is a no-go for Chia. If you are putting resources into this I'd be checking your status often.
  15. question about an NVMe drive that is not showing up in atop. Goal is to watch I/O and get stats. Said drive is running on an PCIe adapter. Drive works fine. Shows in the unraid GUI. Any thoughts why it's not showing in atop? I've tried expanding the rows of LVM and DSK devices. It's just not there, in atop this drive:
  16. This solved the issue. It's now showing as Dev 1 (sdb). No more errors and works with the docker container. I have another question about an NVMe drive that is not showing up in atop. Goal is to watch I/O and get stats. It's running on an PCIe adapter. Drive works fine. Shows in the unraid GUI. Any thoughts why it's not showing in atop?
  17. I haven't used the HBA card since either. Or the iStar hot swap enclosures. Or the cables... All going to the trash. Not worth another episode.
  18. Yes, I clicked unmounted and waited til it said mount. I did notice after I remounted it that it seemed to come line and back online on it's own. Meaning it said "unmount" then "mount" then "unmount" by itself. I then unmounted and moved it to another USB port. odd indeed. Could be a bad USB port or Easystore drive...
  19. Will do. BTW, do you know what these errors mean? Could they have been when I disconnected the UD disk from a windows network share? Or some other process that was trying to access it when I unmounted it?
  20. I have one unassigned drive that isn't showing any SMART info when you click on the drive name. Clicking on SMART short self-test: does nothing. Although using smartctl -a /dev/sdn I can see the SMART data. I also have a bunch of errors in my log for other drives that aren't there. Maybe old Unassigned Devices? And out of curiosity, why does this particular drive show up as sdn while the other drives show up as Dev 1, Dev2... ?
  21. Are you running the container with network type Host or Bridge?
  22. I'm moving everything to a dedicated machine as well so I can get my unRAID server back Have you tried the introducers to help with syncing?