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  1. I've got an existing build that's extremely power hungry.
    Can anyone offer advice on the easiest way to make it more efficient?

    The primary use-case has been occasional file backups and 2-3 Plex streams that are usually 1080p -> 720p transcodes, but I want to be able to do more 4K -> 1080p transcodes. The system is completely overpowered now.


    Current build:

    • CASE: Rosewill 4U server case
    • CPU: Dual Xeon E5-2670
    • PS: 1100w gold power supply that came with Thinkstation D30
    • MB: Thinkstation D30 (it's a massive board that's bigger than an EATX)
    • GPU: Quadro P2000
    • RAM: 64gb ECC
    • HDs: 12TB parity, 4x 10TB data, 2x 1TB SSD cache

    Current idle power is about 150 watts (!) and with a few transcodes it can spike to 200 watts.
    How do I make this more efficient? I want to get it down to 40 watts idle, even 60 watts would be great.

    Do I swap out CPUs? I'm guessing that would bring it down to 80-100w idle?
    Do I swap out the motherboard, power supply, CPU, and RAM? I'd be fine shelling out $400 or so, but is that just a plug-and-play operation or do I have to rebuild my Unraid entirely?

    Thanks for your help!

  2. 1 minute ago, wgstarks said:

    I would suggest posting this question in the Plex forums since it’s regarding the app functionality. Your much more likely to get a knowledgeable answer there.


    If you can find a way to create separate libraries within the app then all you’ll need to do is set a separate path for each one in the docker.

    Sorry, to clarify, I have been able to make more libraries but I have not found a way to have them scan different TV folders.

  3. I'm trying to create multiple TV libraries with different Shares in my Unraid. Is this possible?


    One example:

    I have a Share that's TV - Kids and a Share that's TV. I had previously created a Plex library with the TV share. If I wanted to create a second mutually-exclusive TV Library, how would I do that? I don't see any way to exclude a folder from being scanned, so I couldn't put TV - Kids inside the existing TV Share.



    I have been able to make these libraries, but when I go to the Settings page in my Plex app in Unraid I only see the option for one TV folder and one Movie folder.

  4. I feel dumb for not figuring this out!

    How do I log into the SMB account I created on my LAN?


    I can see and access my Unraid server on my Network from Windows 10.

    I can see and access all Shares that are set to Public.

    I cannot find any way to access the Shares that are set to Private.

    I cannot find any way to log in to the SMB user that I created with Read/Write access to these files.


    I did adjust the SMB user settings so that one login has read/write access to all of these files.



  5. Apologies!
    I am painfully new to everything.  Can anyone help me piece together my build or point me to a similar build?



    What I want:

    • Server for backing up and streaming large video files
    • Compact server rack chassis (likely the iStarUSA D-407P but possibly the NORCO RPC-450)
    • Quiet
    • Low/medium power draw
    • Able to hold at least 9 HDs


    What I have:

    • Four 10 TB HDs (some have yet to be shucked)
    • A 5 HD iStarUSA trayless rack (fills three 5.25" bays)


    What I need:

    • Motherboard (what will fit in my compact server chassis?)
    • CPU and fan (I'd prefer the cheapest option, but would Intel be more stable?)
    • Memory (I hear that 8GB should be fine, I'd prefer to have ECC since I'll be storing client's videos potentially)
    • SAS / SATA expander things (???) (I don't even know what this is about, but I hear I might need them)
    • Network card (I don't think I need the 10G one)
    • Unraid OS thumb drive or SSD (is there any benefit to running this on an SSD versus a thumb drive?)
    • Additional case fan (I've been told I should replace the loud 80mm case fan in the server chassis)
    • ...more things I don't know about?


    I'm probably missing something, thanks for your help!