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  1. Could you give me a link to this topic/documentation? I was not able to find it in the topic in announcement forum.
  2. My current issue is that when I create a VM and select my RTX 2080ti card for the pass through, I have a message saying "Please ensure all devices within the iommu_group are bound to their vfio bus driver.". However, both my GPU and the sound card that goes with it are in the same iommu group (group 45 for example). I checked the documentation linked above which says: So I proceeded as recommended in the documentation to add the vfio-pci.ids parameter in syslinux configuration. However, this parameter does not work (PCI devices supposed to appear as stated in the doc don't appear). After some researches, I figured out that I cannot just pass the ID as this couple of vendor/device ID correspond to more than one device (my 4 GPU). I am stuck now not knowing what to do.
  3. I succeed in doing all the pass through in Ubuntu with scripts but could not pass the ID to vfio and had to use a script for that. I tried to give the right ID to vfio-pci.id parameter as recommended in the doc, but the cards did not appear so I guess the issue is the same. However, I don't know where I could get logs or info about this. What I am sure about tho is that the devices supposed to appear in PCI available to be assigned to the VM qre not listed. PS: Sorry, didn't get any mail notification about your reply.
  4. Hello ! I followed the documentation about passing through my RTX card to my VM but it does not work as my computer has 4 identical GPU (4 2080ti). When I checked the Archlinux wiki, they explained that a script is necessary to bind the GPU as all GPUs has the same vendor and device ID and thus, the ID cannot be simply passed to the vfio-pci parameter. How can this be done using unraid? I succeed to use this way to pass through my GPU when dealing manually with the pass through on a Ubuntu/KVM manual setup, but I would like to ease my management with unraid. PS: sorry if I am not able to test your suggests this week. National holidays are held for two days and as such, I cannot test it until monday. Sorry!