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  1.  Hey all, Im trying to pass through a GTX 1050ti to a Win 10 VM.  I will post my XML below.  I have grabbed a VBIOS from TechPowerup, and edited it to remove the header as SpaceInvaderOne had mentioned in his video. I have disabled HyperV, made sure my GPU and its HDMI audio are in the same IOMMU group, and still I just keep getting code 43, if the passthrough works at all. I am not always able to connect to the VM after switching back and forth between GPU and VNC to troubleshoot. When i switch to the GPU for the VM, i often cant connect at all with NoMachine, and if i can, I dont always see a GPU or sound card in Device Manager. Just the 'Nomachine' emulated display and audio, as i am using that for remote access. Pulling out my hair on this.

    Unraid VM XML

  2. Hey all, rather than start my own thread about the exact same card, i am necrobumping this thread in the hopes it will help me as well as others have a running dialog about passing through the 1050ti. I will post my own XML below, but first a few points:


    1. I have tried the above fix that @rachid596 posted, as I am getting Code 43 in Windows 10 VM.

    2. I have grabbed a VBIOS from TechPowerup, and edited it to remove the header as SpaceInvaderOne had mentioned in his video.


    You may notice in the XML that at this point, after trying all other well known fixes, and using @rachid596 fix from above, i noticed that for some reason HyperV was enabled, even though i make a point of disabling it. I have now tried to disable it multiple times, and interestingly it will not disable. I am able to connect to the VM, but now rather than having Code 43 in Device Manager as i was before, i am not seeing a GPU or sound card. Just the 'Nomachine' emulated display and audio, as i am using that for remote access. I can definitely try recreating (for the 100th time lol) if needed.

    Unraid VM XML

  3. Hi guys, lol this is funny, but im having the same issue almost 2 years to the DAY from before, when i posted in this thread. The old "waiting for deluge to start on port xxxxx". WebUi doesnt work. What I have done probably to cause this, is replace my cache drive, following SpaceInvader's video guide. All my other dockers work but this one. I have tried multiple branches, going back as far as 1.3 from almost 5 years ago. Multiple restarts of the container, still no WebUI. I thought it would be the most recent pulldown that caused it, but at this point im lost. As well, while writing this comment, the error in the log has disappeared and looks normal. Ill paste below. Still no WebUI.



    2021-11-13 19:05:23.674424 [info] Starting Supervisor...
    2021-11-13 19:05:23,965 CRIT Set uid to user 0
    2021-11-13 19:05:23,965 INFO Included extra file "/etc/supervisor/conf.d/deluge.conf" during parsing
    2021-11-13 19:05:23,972 INFO supervisord started with pid 7
    2021-11-13 19:05:24,974 INFO spawned: 'deluge-script' with pid 40
    2021-11-13 19:05:24,975 INFO spawned: 'deluge-web-script' with pid 41
    2021-11-13 19:05:24,980 DEBG 'deluge-script' stdout output:
    [info] Deluge config file already exists, skipping copy
    [info] Starting Deluge daemon...

    2021-11-13 19:05:24,980 INFO success: deluge-script entered RUNNING state, process has stayed up for > than 0 seconds (startsecs)
    2021-11-13 19:05:24,980 INFO success: deluge-web-script entered RUNNING state, process has stayed up for > than 0 seconds (startsecs)

  4. HI all, i have 2 licenses for Unraid, one that is in active use at the moment, and the other one that has not been used for quite some time. I believe the license files/numbers were on a drive that died in the middle of constructing my setup ( I think :)). I have checked the email accounts i possibly could have used with the company and dont seem to see the license file emails. What are my options? I can of course give whatever info is needed to Support.

  5. Sorry to necrobump guys, but I am running mprasil's implementation of bitwarden on my unraid box and for the life of me, I cant find where to put the license file as i want to use a Families organization for multiple users. Apparently it needs to go into the 'bwdata' folder but i cant find it! Any help?

  6. On 11/24/2019 at 1:29 AM, binhex said:

    That depends on what you removed did you remove the image or the container or both?

    Sorry for the delayed response. I believe i removed both? Unraid gives you the option at removal, no? I still have other active Docker containers running.

  7. On 11/22/2019 at 7:12 AM, binhex said:

    sorry my bad, i was looking at tags for delugevpn, for this image you need tag '2.0.3-1-02'

    Ok then great, now, if i have removed deluge already, and forgive my noobishness, can i just do a docker pull for this tag and off i go?

  8. Hi guys, i have just had a wierd issue with deluge. i suddenly cant access the webui, i have checked settings in the docker container and even removed and reinstalled the app/container completely. i saw this in the log:


    [info] Waiting for Deluge process to start listening on port 58846...


    and noticed that in my previous attempts earlier after noticing the issue, it had stuck on this as well. The thing is, now i cant get the webui or the log viewer to display!  Could use some assistance :)

  9. 1 hour ago, trurl said:

    I always recommend using only as many disks as required for your current needs. Each additional disk is an additional point of failure.


    Gotcha. And yes that is a good idea. I succumbed to the "more disks=better" . Ill remove the extra (less-reliable) drives from the array and rebuild.


    How should I re-enable docker? And by that i mean remove any trace of it from the array, and have it re-enable with the proper paths available?

  10. 10 minutes ago, trurl said:

    If you start docker or VM services without a cache drive, then those shares would wind up on the array, but you don't want them there.

    Yes. Ok that is what i needed to know. And yes i know that there are 2 other disks of questionable health in the array. The plan was to replace them 1 at a time to allow rebuilds. Unless replacing multiple disks at once is ok with Unraid? My assumption was no.


    If there is no data on a disk, can it be removed (physically and logically) from the array, permanently? I dont need all the space/disks i have, i just went full JBOD with disks i had lying around, which, in hindsight now, should have been retired.

  11. Yes, Disk5 was one of the disks that had rebuilt after being replaced. As i said, there was no data on Disk 5 so no problem ( i think?)


    I did also replace the cache drive, but the original is still sitting here if need be.


    Side note, i found the system shares (pic attached) under /mnt/disk1/. Strange that they would be there now? Also, i now have a "/user0" dir for some reason (also pic attached)



  12. Hey guys, the more i mess with Unraid (6.6.3), the more i love it! Having said that, I have replaced a few disks that were showing lots of errors, and my system shares seem to have disappeared. Some of them were old disks that i just tossed in because storage space :) One of them was the cache disk, and the other was a data disk with no data on it. I had Docker set up and a few containers for testing, so no major loss. But now i want docker back, and none of the system shares are there.


    I know i need some sort of a log file for you experts to peruse, so which one do i send?


    EDIT: Diagnostic file attached.