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  1. I'd really like to see your setup, settings, and tweaks you might have done. Is this all wired? Is this all on Catalina? Which Mac OS version? Every google / search I ran on Mac OS slow SMB performance, there are tons of answers and different solutions. Some work for some people, but the majority are frustrated like me. AFP works just fine though. I'm doing all of this on a fresh install of Catalina on a 2018 MacBook Pro using a 5Ghz router.
  2. I've been fighting with SMB working with any speed or quality at all on Mac OS X both Mojave and now Catalina. Every solution in the book when it comes to SMB is a complete and utter failure / waste of time. The only thing that works (other than FTP) is AFP. Please keep it as a part of Unraid for the foreseeable future. Thanks!
  3. MacBook is wireless and used to connect to Unraid fast. Desktop is a pc and works just fine - no issues. Thoughts?
  4. According to the battery / UPS settings on my dashboard - it reads 90 Watts with 8 hard drives and 1 SSD all working and writing parity. I don't know if that's good or bad, but that's what it says.
  5. NVME.2 on client and server. I'm using Aquantia AQtion 10G AQN-107 cards. It seems fast, but who doesn't want faster? Is this a good speed, is there something I could tweak to get even more?
  6. I’ve read about Ryzen not working with Unraid I plan on using my server as a NAS using on board vga during setup, and then rubbing headlessly. Also, it will be a Plex server. Do you see any potential issues?
  7. I’m using a trial now, and tomorrow I’m going to build a new server. I’d like to reformat the flash drive and put a fresh installation of Unraid on the same USB key, buy pro, and then be up and running. Will this work ok?
  8. Question #1 My unraid is a hodgpodge of drives in an old machine. I've got an external USB device that holds 7 old hard drives of various sizes. There's room for an 8th drive. My thought is that I would like to maximize storage among the old 7 drives, and then install a larger 8th drive in case one of the other 7 fails. Is this a possibility with Unraid? Question #2 How do I enable Unraid to go into a standby state and power up fully when accessed by the network? It'll be used daily, but only about one hour out of the day.