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  1. first write updates to USB thumb drive in a while when applying key pushes it over the edge? I might try a backup and restore onto new installation on new USB drive and see how it goes,,,,
  2. My Chrome works fine with 6.8.3. Got any weird plugins installed? Edit - oh, you’re also on a mad based on screenshot. Mine is windows.
  3. What kind of USB sticks have you been using?
  4. My Sandisk Ultra fit failed today and I remembered this thread from December. I had to use this method of johnnie's to get mine to work without it panicing on Urnaid boot. The creator tool claimed it had been successful in building things from a Flash backup and everything - but nooooo. Thanks!
  5. "Catch me in SE Asia in the coming months." hmmmmm
  6. FlexRaid website has been down for months and the Dev went AWOL....not much to look at!
  7. The thing I like the most about Unraid is the ability to use my own hardware. In 2020 I'd like to see Unraid improve support for USB 3.0 where we don't see people constantly having to recommend USB 2.0 devices and/or ports.
  8. I'm using a Sandisk Ultra Fit 3.0 16 GB (in a USB 2.0 port), so can't say I'm feeling great about that after reading your post. I'm about 2 months in, so far so good... I have to say it raises an eyebrow to see you buying the same thing over and over. If mine ever fails I might give it one more chance before moving to another brand. There is no way I'd suffer 3 failures and try for a 4th with the same model USB drive 😛
  9. Good luck! Would love to see how it goes after restoring your backed up config...always wondered how well that worked in practice/ how easy it was
  10. The bug linked is still classified as minor but is a showstopper? 😛
  11. I wouldn’t go that far. I think the prevailing opinion is boot using USB 2 port but doesn’t matter if the flash drive itself is capable of both.
  12. I didn't think a lack of checkmark necessarily meant incompatible, I thought a lack of checkmark means they simply hadn't tested it...i.e. they may have only had 2 DIMMs available for testing. I agree it is probably worth going through MEMTEST and/or removing two and retrying as long as he's trying to get to the bottom of this.
  13. I liked johnnie’s comments about overclocking, although he only mentioned RAM. Would undo any of that you did for either RAM or CPU before trying BIOS downgrades. If you don’t remember what previous settings in BIOS were may be worth a reset of that config and starting from scratch. I am not OCing anything in my stable Ryzen config, just using the default for that.
  14. I’ve got the same MSI B450 tomahawk motherboard albeit with a 2400g instead of a 2700x like you. I’ve been very stable on 1A0 firmware....that 1C0 you have is quite new. Might be worth trying the lower version unless you’ve already been down that road? Just a shot in the dark as you exhaust other options
  15. It looks like a garbage ADATA drive, I wouldn’t be remotely surprised it has failed & agree with johnnie, time to feed it to the woodchipper 😛