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  1. I was able to fix it by setting the following values in "Display Settings" Looks like this now:
  2. I know it's an older thread but essentially, changing the port number of your SSH isn't doing much in terms of security. It just makes it a tiny bit harder to determine the right port. You do discourage very simple attacks that scan very broadly and don't bother with alternate ports but changing the default port does nothing for targeted attacks and also not much for more sophisticated, automated attacks, once an attacker figures out your true ssh port, you will get brute-forced just like normal. If you are still looking for a very simple and elegant solution for remote ssh access, give Tailscale a try. It's FOSS, based on WireGuard, doesn't require port forwarding and has clients for basically all platforms under the sun.
  3. Thank you very much for testing it and yes, you're right, it doesn't make a lot of sense to add a workaround now because the server shouldn't ask for a password in the first place if you give it null or an empty string...
  4. It would be highly appreciated if you can spare the time needed. It's working just fine with the password. Actually, I wasn't aware of this limitation when I posted my initial question, so it's up to you
  5. Does this also happen if you leave out the "-password" option all together from the launch command?
  6. @ich777 Can you change the Unraid Docker for Valheim so the password is optional? I'm asking because you can set a whitelist in the configs of the server and there is no need to use a password after enabling that. Also you can use the Steam Launch Options to directly connect to a server. tldr; would allow to directly connect to a server without a password promp and without having to fear griefing from randoms. Valheim Dedicated Server Manual.pdf
  7. I'm using the Server plugin (Great work btw! Love it :D) I'm trying to connect multiple devices with one profile, which needs the "--duplicate-cn" option. However I can't figure out how to enable this feature, neighter command line nor web-interface.
  8. Update: After fiddling around with reverse proxies and ssl, I apparently got Nextcloud working as intended.... I setup the "Nginx Proxy Manager"-Docker and added the SSL-Certificates and the host proxies and now everything seems to be working great. + I can use subdomains on a single port instead of having everything port forwarded
  9. Same thing here! I have a Gigabit Internet Connection which works on all devices. But to add more confusion to the whole situation my setup behaves in strange ways... Nextcloud (Docker installation, bridge mode) Downloads: Gigabit speed internally (server with local ip --> client pc) Downloads: only 30 mbit/s over the internet (public ip --> client pc) Plex Media Server (Docker installtion, bridge mode) Sync works at over 100 mbit/s over internet Speedtest plugin The same 30 - 40 mbit/s for upload (like Nextcloud Docker) and only around 500 mbit/s for download Windows 10 (VM) gets Gigabit speeds in speed tests over the same bloody network interface FTP 300 to 400 Mbit/s via Internet Gigabit via local network And to reply to the most common responses beforehand... Yes, my ISP speeds are indeed confirmed working via Speedtests and external testing The network infrastructure is working (otherwise I woudn't be getting 1000 mbit/s internally when using FTP/SMB) The system is not under-powered i7-4790k 24 GB of RAM Gigabit Ethernet Port SSD for Cache (pretty much empty) Docker Image and all appdata is on an unassigned SSD So with all of this out of the way...where on earth is the damn bottleneck in my system?!