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  1. Just to clarify, does a GPU need to be unbind from vfio as well to work on a VM? Does the binding to vfio be the same as editing the 'Syslinux Configuration' to add a GPU's IOMMU Group?
  2. Having issues with my VM's (again). Shutting them down is causing the server to essentially crash. This was an issue I had before and had resolve. Also small request, can we have at least 1 VM that can run without the array being started? Mainly for pfsense or VM testing. I'll even pay for this extra feature. It appears to be back with rc2. @htpcnewbie I had this issue too. If you have 'Tips and Tweaks' plugin, and you use the 'schedule' or 'power saving' mode I found that on this revision it severely slows down the performance and causes high CPU usage. I changed it to
  3. Just wanted to note that I have upgraded to 6.9rc2 from 6.8.3 without issues. Server has been up for 5 days without problem. Thanks for the update.
  4. I am seen this too. Trying to figure out what could be and no luck so far. I will be doing some testing later tonight. The only meaningful thing I've done was changed from SSD to NVMe where the vdisk was stores but I should of gained speed if anything. I've also changed from btrfs to xfs.
  5. Is anyone experiencing major VM slowdowns, and/or way above average cpu usage by VM's?
  6. Successfully updated to 6.9rc2 from 6.8.3 without issues. Had to do some small changes in my setup to take full advantage of the multi-pools but everything is working great without any issues. Thanks limetech!
  7. I will be upgrading to this RC. @limetech said there will be a 'more thorough release notes in preparation for stable release', is there anyway we can see (even if incomplete) these notes to prepare for upgrading to an rc version. Does anyone have a list of checks/changes I should do in preparation to upgrade from 6.8.3 stable to 6.9rc2?
  8. He mentioned this issue has been resolved in rc2.
  9. Yes, I would like to see a list of things 'to-do' before upgrading. I remember reading about saving the cache drives to the array as the cache drives may be reassigned for the new multi-pool system or something in the lines of that.
  10. Well it can be used for online stores like uplay and epicgames which don't support the mapping of a network. However, there was another reason. I just honestly forgot.
  11. It was my older gaming computer. How it all began....... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let me know what you guys think.
  12. Sure, to help you, what is your server specs, is it x79 platform? Have you edited the XML files in the VM for the passthrou? Are the drivers up-to-date? Have you edited the bios on the graphics ROM to remove the header? I haven't tried a Mac OS yet only windows.
  13. Yea, the second part <alias name='hostdev1'/> is the sound portion of the graphics card. I believe everything should be good now. Let me know if you have any issues.
  14. Yeaaa. just post your XML after you have added the edited rom and GPU passthro, and I'll edit it for you.
  15. Just run UUD (there is an option to stop windows from installing drivers temporarily). Uninstall the drivers, install the latest ones, then untick the windows option to continue to install drivers when done. You may also want to try running the VM with the emulated video hardware and see if you experience issues. (edit) I just remember, make sure to edit your XML and under the graphic card section, you make it look like this. <alias name='hostdev0'/> <rom file='/mnt/user/isos/GTX - Bios Dump/Updated Asus GTX 1050 Ti.rom'/>
  16. Did you edited the rom file as well? Cleared old drivers and re-installed them? Tried making a new VM (using the same vdisk) but without the GPU passthro? If so, does it crashes then? Do you still have "pcie_no_flr=1022:149c,1022:1487" on your unraid settings section?
  17. This issue is likely due to the graphics card passthro. You can confirm this by running the VM without the graphics card being passthro. If it doesn't crash anymore, well there's your problem. Feel free to test it by removing the graphics card passthro. The drivers being mixed in with windows drivers or older nvidia drivers may cause an issue as well which is why I suggested you try DDU, and then install new drivers. The bios from the website didn't quite work for my graphics card. I just put it in another system, and ran gpuz to extract the bios directly from my graphi
  18. Hello, Have you use an edited bios for the graphics card removing the first part of it? SpaceInvader made a video on how to do it. Also, you may want to try DDU to uninstall the graphics drivers and install the latest one.
  19. I hope this gets fixed on UNRAID 6.9. My WSDD still disabled.
  20. Add the paremeters to the flash drive settings, under Syslinux Configuration. Same place where you add the graphics card IOMMU.
  21. This guide will help you setup an UNRAID share to be used as an steam install folder with a higher success rate than other options. Things you will need; a) Another drive other than C:\. (otherwise you would need to create a "fake" drive via a regedit. b) Download this program to make a hard link, Dlinker. 1) If you haven't already, create a share on UNRAID that you wish to use for the installation and storage of your steam games. Lets call it SteamGames 2) Create a folder on another drive other than the default steam install drive (this is
  22. Just wondering, does this mean that having Plex running as 'host' and opening up that IP (which would be the same as UNRAID), and thet port for plex would also open UNRAID as well to the internet? Or am I OK with the way I've done it?
  23. There isn't a way to specify a core for this function. Additionally, when the issue happens, the core that is at 100% may hoop to another core.
  24. Yea, I know about the write details but went ahead and gave it another read. For my use scenario read/modify/write works best for me as I don't want all my drives spun up. My question is, why is copying from a VM to the Array (which is using a cache SSD, VM is on separate SSD) is maxing out like if it was using a 1GB ethernet connection. My main system using the 1GB ethernet connection makes the same copy at the same max speeds to make the same copy (110 MB/s). However, my main system using the 10GB ethernet connection copies the same file at 650 MB/s. So again, I'm just wondering why the VM w