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  1. This guide will help you setup an UNRAID share to be used as an steam install folder with a higher success rate than other options. Things you will need; a) Another drive other than C:\. (otherwise you would need to create a "fake" drive via a regedit. b) Download this program to make a hard link, Dlinker. 1) If you haven't already, create a share on UNRAID that you wish to use for the installation and storage of your steam games. Lets call it SteamGames 2) Create a folder on another drive other than the default steam install drive (this is
  2. Just wondering, does this mean that having Plex running as 'host' and opening up that IP (which would be the same as UNRAID), and thet port for plex would also open UNRAID as well to the internet? Or am I OK with the way I've done it?
  3. There isn't a way to specify a core for this function. Additionally, when the issue happens, the core that is at 100% may hoop to another core.
  4. Yea, I know about the write details but went ahead and gave it another read. For my use scenario read/modify/write works best for me as I don't want all my drives spun up. My question is, why is copying from a VM to the Array (which is using a cache SSD, VM is on separate SSD) is maxing out like if it was using a 1GB ethernet connection. My main system using the 1GB ethernet connection makes the same copy at the same max speeds to make the same copy (110 MB/s). However, my main system using the 10GB ethernet connection copies the same file at 650 MB/s. So again, I'm just wondering why the VM w
  5. I've been wondering this too, just haven't gotten around to look into it.
  6. I'm still on the 6.8.3 since its just on my main system and can't risk data corruption. Sorry.
  7. Would love to test it, just don't have a test system yet.
  8. +1 from me too! Mainly for pfSense, but also because ALL of my VM's are on a separate unassigned drive. I think the majority of users have their setup mostly this way due to the inexpensive SSD's cost and the large performance gains.
  9. I would like to add that there are also some registry edits you can do to make the VM appear as a real PC. I don't have the specific edits, but they are googleable, and very easy to apply. I've used them before, took about 5-10mins.
  10. 1) yes. Simply install the App, fill the form. Then start. You will be able to browse to the server page info as normal from there and set it up. 2)no, but you can. 3)no.
  11. XiuzSu


    Just save it for your next build. You must of liked what you've seen and not have many issues if the only issue/complain is the compatibility issues with your GPU (which MAY get worked out in the future). The license is also a lifetime license which is the best thing to get when purchasing software. Specially around these times now that you even have BMW wanting to charge a subscription for their heated seats. Anyway, just save it. It may be the thing you need for your next build.
  12. Solution (which there may be another way but since no one said anything...) I just copied the vdisks to another location, and copied it back which caused the permissions to change and now it works.
  13. I'm having this same error. How did you resolved it? Anyone care to point this out to me? I started to get it after having to use a different drive to run a direct windows install (without unraid, array disks were disconnected, but I did leave in the cache disk connected which I'm now regretting).
  14. Welcome to anyone who's ever done an XML modification group lol
  15. I don't have a system crazy like that... yet. I have re-purpose my old gaming rig. Recently purchase a SAS card for more drives, quad NIC for pfsense, and a rosewell server case and its getting to be a quite nice server. Trust me, its worth it.
  16. Yea you're right. I guess I'll have to look for another way to have a "recently read/access cache" some other way. Either way, I think the mover should be updated with some of the functionalities mentioned above. This would open many doors for UNRAID.
  17. Visiting the CPU Isolation page triggers the warning at the top "CPU Isolation: A reboot is required to apply changes" even though no changes were made. Literally, just click on the settings triggers this warning and only way to get rid of it is to reset.
  18. This! I will probably be buying 2-3 more licenses myself. A discount would be nice, but if not its fine. I L O V E lifetime software purchases.
  19. Took 3 reads but I got it. I like your idea because I could then use this idea to implement something I've been wanting to do as linked above. Question, how is the age restriction suggested specified? Is it age since it was copied to unraid, last moved, or...? I would also like to add the option to "copy/overwrite" (with last modified) instead of move just in case the files being moved need to be duplicated for security purposes. "Pool 1 is raid 0, pool 2 is raid 1 / or disk array". You're correct, this can be rather confusing to some users as you mentioned. Maybe the current normal move
  20. And for a better notifier when the mover is working. also.. cough 😁
  21. Not yet, still have it disabled. I'm waiting for the new version, 6.9, to try again and check.
  22. I was actually about to request the same feature. In my use scenario, my server would have a lot of reads during the day, and maybe a handful of writes (as to when I move files to the server) and most of which aren't big enough to get my small SSD to half use. My cache doesn't see much use outside of that as I'm running the VM's on another SSD (as most people here). I would like to be able to select a folder and its sub-folders to be cached, maybe even the same disks that I've already have cache active on would work. (Allow exclusion folders to be selected? Auto exclude if
  23. I've wanted to ask if you've done any testing with a 4T or higher SSD, and how did it turned out? Any SSD's you would recommend for Parity? I appear to have a bottleneck on my parity drive and may need to upgrade to a faster drive, but if an SSD would safely work without issues I'll go with that.
  24. Was anyone able to resolve the issue were some games don't run like this?
  25. Has the list of upcoming features and update notes for 6.9 been released? I haven't seen them anywhere.