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  1. I would like to add that I would actually like to see a schedule section. So that you can schedule unraid/dockers/vm's to restart/start/stop.
  2. Oh, that is something I missed. I'm going to try changing to Q35 machine type and see if it resolve an issue I'm having as well.
  3. I'm having a similar issue. Now that you mention it, the issue with the cores does appear to happen when the VM is being pinged hard at 100% with some task. Here is what I'm experiencing. Looking into this being looked into as well.
  4. Right after starting a VM (game oriented VM with GPU passthro) One of my cores goes to 100% usage. It stays like that even if I shutdown the VM. Sometimes starting the VM is fine, but then upon shutting it down, it causes the whole UNRAID server to crash. I notice I can temporarily "fix" the issue, of one or more of the cores going to 100%, by going to Shares and editing ANY share at all. Even if is just the Share's comment section. Basically, as long as I can hit 'Apply' when editing a share it 'resolves' the issue and the CPU core(s) goes back to normal. Sometimes, more cores do this an
  5. Disconnected the USB controlled PCIE card and the sound card (wasn't being used), and I'm still experiencing disconnects and crashes on unraid upon the VM being shutdown. There's also this error in the VM Logs -blockdev '{"driver":"file","filename":"/mnt/disks/Windows_10/Windows 10/vdisk1.img","node-name":"libvirt-1-storage","cache":{"direct":false,"no-flush":false},"auto-read-only":true,"discard":"unmap"}' \ -blockdev '{"node-name":"libvirt-1-format","read-only":false,"cache":{"direct":false,"no-flush":false},"driver":"raw","file":"libvirt-1-storage"}' \
  6. I forgot to add, Pi Hole was also installed but had crashed and burned to the point of me having to remove it. Not sure if this was causing/part of the issue. I'm also experiencing my unraid crashing when I shutdown the VM with the graphics card. Same as described here: I'm appearing to be having the same issue as described below which sadly does not appear to have ever been solved.
  7. Thanks! I had the Trial, Basic, and Pro. I saved the all 3 keys just in case, but deleted the Trial and Basic. That error is now gone! Yup yup, read that somewhere and also in Amazon's comments. I'll be sure to check the mode its in. Thanks for mentioning it!
  8. I'm running into a few problems and I'm not sure how to resolve them. Issues below can be easily replicated after a server restart. 1 ) 'Multiple registration keys found' - This appeared after I upgraded to Unraid Pro from basic. Not sure where to address this issue. 2 ) Right after starting one of my VM's (game oriented VM with GPU passthro) One of my hyperthreads (after the same one) goes to 100%. Stays like that even if I shutdown the VM. I notice I can "fix" this issue temporarily by going to Shares and editing ANY share at all, even if just the Share's comment sec
  9. Just wanted to share I have upgraded to the Pro version from Basic. I can't recommend Unraid enough. Keep up the great work guys!
  10. I would really like to see L2ARC implemented
  11. Right, but that is why I'm suggesting for this to be added. For example, as one of the biggest use of Unraid is Plex, if you play a TV series show it would be good if it caches the whole folder and sub folders (giving us options for caching like we have options for split levels on shares) so that you get better performance, allow the drive to spin down as you watch the TV series, etc. Also, as you mentioned, we already have the mover who could just delete the read cache files from the SSD and move the write cache files to the drives. So the 'MOVER' should just be renamed to something more fitt
  12. I been thinking on suggesting/requesting this "idea" and just recently found out it is an actual thing that is already released. I'm wondering if Unraid will be adding this feature as it would be a great addition. For those that don't know, you can find more details about what ARC is below. (credits to zfsbuilds.com) TL;DR - Have SSD drives that also cache most accessed data and/or maybe to cache data depending on the administrators settings that best fit the server. (This would be on top of what the cache SSD already do with writes).
  13. I like the ease of upgrade-ability. I would like to see a built-in secure connection method for access from outside the network, and an iOS App!
  14. Great! I got some reading to do. So far I just been keeping everything offline other than the ports some dockers need. Then mainly downloading stuff to my main computer (which is protected to the best of my ability), then once files are checked/scanned, moved whatever I need to the unraid server. Thanks for the info!
  15. What anti-virus or protection is there for unraid? How do you guys check/protect/clean your unraid?
  16. I'm sorry to hear that and I hope someone can help you out. My issue has completely stopped, and I have been lucky to not encounter any issues at all since my update to v6.8.0.
  17. I was actually experiencing this issue as well. Happened twice to the point where I had to forcefully reset then computer as it was non-responsive. I updated to Version: 6.8.0-rc9 and so far the issue haven't came back. PS: My data is pointed to /user if anyone is wondering.
  18. I'm on 6.8.0-rc8. I have dockers/VM's running without issues. I would also like to know if its OK for me to upgrade or to wait till what version? (edit) Thanks for above response
  19. I was thinking the same but wasn't sure so I thought I would request/ask here. Thank you for confirming!
  20. I can't wait to upgrade. Thanks for the update.
  21. I was wondering if it would be possible to make users with no access to a private share to not give them visibility of it.
  22. Thanks! Everything worked out. Is it still recommended to move the docker to the (/mnt/cache/docker.img) location? I wanted to leave it as default. I made a copy of the docker, then I disable the dockers, and then deleted the docker image. Then I just simply re-enable the dockers, went to the CA and re-downloaded my apps from the "Previous Apps" section on the left. Everything installed in a few seconds and it kept my ALL settings. Really have I didn't had to start from scratch. Ok, I just notice my Log file says its at 100% now. Where can I find/fix this? I think this has
  23. The docker is dropped, can't start it as I get this error. "Execution error Image can not be deleted, in use by other container(s)" I notice the log keeps repeating "e":"can not get logs from container which is dead or marked for removal"}". I think the system log file is getting full of this repeating. (check picture) When I go to tools to view the system log, I get this error: "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4096 bytes) in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/Syslog.php on line 20"
  24. It all started when I attempted to shut down the docker 'Pi-Hole' off for an upgrade. It did not shutdown so I forcefully shut it down. Now, it seems to be in a 'removal in progress' mode. The logs state the following: "e":"can not get logs from container which is dead or marked for removal"}" Telling it to remove it again gives me the following error: "Execution error Server error" Regardless of me selecting delete image or not. I have already create a new image of this docker and just need to fully remove whatever is left. How should I proceed?
  25. Yea, same here. Extremely happy with Unraid, will be upgrading my license regardless.