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  1. I definitely partially agree with you. However, from a marketing point of view, I think it would also open the door to sales that otherwise won't happen and/or would happen but perhaps in course of a year or two. Then is a question of whether waiting that time was worth it to receive X that would of other wise been the discount offered to receive it now. IMO.
  2. I would personally love to see a sale, at least just on upgrades.
  3. Thanks for confirming, I didn't saw it was only for windows. I was getting ready to give up on it and try Nextcloud using the spaceinvader video.
  4. Exactly, same here. All I'm missing is a FileZilla Server docker (which I haven't found, if anyone knows where I can find it let me know) or something similar, then I won't use the Windows VM either. I'm keeping the 16GB I have unless I come across a good deal on DDR3 memory (which I'd probably find with today's prices).
  5. Just wanted to say I fixed it by changing bios settings. It works with UEFI and unraid GUI for me as well as having one of the GPU passthro for a VM.
  6. Bios is up-to-date, I changed the boot to UEFI on the bios and the settings. The GUI for unraid is not coming up for me now. I can still access it throw the web, or if I use non-gui.
  7. Thanks for the input. I have been booting it in non-UEFI because that's what was suggested. I have purchased my license, everything is working as needed. GPU is pass-thro my VM, I did ended up having to use an older GPU in the top slot for unraid. I will change it to UEFI, hope nothing breaks.
  8. Certainly! I've uploaded the diagnostics file on my first post.
  9. Sorry, I figured it out (of course after posting the thread). Thank you! I have corrected this issue. On top of it the SSD wasn't mounted (duh) just flew right over my head. @itimpi You're right, everything was running/installing on the ram (no wonder why it was going super fast till it just crashed). Windows seems have installed successfully and is now setting up!
  10. Hello, I'm trying to setup a VM which will be running from an unassigned device (SSD). However, when I go make the VM, it keeps stopping at 56ish%. Then I notice the VM is paused with the message "Execution Error cannot write data to file '/var/run/libvirt/qemu/....': No space left on device". Then unraid starts to show errors everywhere. The RAM appears to be near full (at around 80%) so I don't think its writting to the SSD. Settings shown below.
  11. UNRAID found some errors via the SMART reporting. One of them is from an SSD (currently on unassigned device) as shown below: The second is my array first disk HDD. Are these errors I can expect to find that the HDD auto corrects and everything is fine or is it something serious and I should look into replacing them? I'm sorry, I'm not sure what to look for in the S.M.A.R.T. data from the drives.
  12. Hey! I just started using unraid myself as of 3 days ago. I can tell you everything has been working great with no hassle. The guides/youtube videos you may find (as I did) are a bit outdated and setting up unraid is way easier. The best thing I can say is just go ahead and set it up to try it. I just installed Plex as of this morning and everything was very easy and straight forward. I'm still on my trial but I'm 99% sure I'll be purchasing this. I hope this information helped.
  13. Yes! I've been almost benching the videos of SpaceInvaderOne, I'm surprise he isn't hired/sponsored here honestly. I also found some guides from here to be kinda out of dated, but I love the community support and assistance. I already own the system above so I'm kinda stuck with it, and yes I've actually watched the videos you referred me to. Since its a chance, I just ordered a EVGA GT 710 2GB (just in case it doesn't work with one card) to place it in the first slot for unraid (only cost me 25$ used on ebay). Then use the EVGA 1030 on the other x16 slot. I'm just been reading and learning ev
  14. I'm actually resurrecting this threat as well. I would like to know what would be the best settings for my use scenario. Anyone care to comment? I was unable to find it as well.
  15. Thank you guys for answering my questions, I will go ahead and purchased it once the system is put together!
  16. Thanks Squid! A follow up on that, I'm just still a little confuse. Basically, what I'm asking is if I can use 1 graphics card to setup everything, then pass it through to a VM once the unraid is setup?
  17. Thank for the reply. Yes I am aware that doing the copying the way I explain would make a time were my data would only be in one place. I think I may be getting an external hard drive for the peace of mind. For the graphics card, wouldn't I be able to use the graphic card I have for the initial setup of unraid, then somehow remove it from unraid and let the VM's use it? Then, just access unraid via browser on another computer? Quick silly question, can the VM's share the graphics card as well? If I have no choice but to use 2 graphics card, should the one for unraid just be a
  18. Hello, I'm about to purchase unraid basic for my home server and I have been following some guides that raised a few questions. My hardware for this server is below: X79 EVGA FTW i7 4930K 16 GB DDR3 Ram GTX EVGA 1030 connected via 3gb SATA (2) 3TB HDD (data) connected via 3gb SATA (1) 4TB HDD (parity) connected via 6gb SATA (2) SSD 250GB (cache) 1) An LTT video suggest I get a 'LSI 9211-8i RAID Card'. Is this card needed if I'm using my mobo X79 EVGA FTW, and only intend to use the provided SATA slots? Wouldn't the raid controller and SMART reporting