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  1. Hallo and first: thank you Exactly this seems not to work. No matter if i change from "phlak/mumble:latest" to "phlak/mumble:1.3.2" or vice versa, 1.3.1 is pulled down. Maybe adding "murmur" in the description can resolve both issues? That way, people looking for both should be able to find the docker.
  2. Hi @A75G, thank you for your work, so far im using your murmur/mumble docker. Still, i have some suggestions for this particular docker: Rename the docker with "murmur", since this is the real name of the server application for mumble. The Project Page is not, but Latest and 1.3.2 branches doesn't pull 1.3.2 but 1.3.1. Greetings
  3. So first time posting i guess What i like so far: user friendly in any way. What i want for 2020: built in possibilities for external backup of important data (cloud, any kind of external drives or network storages).