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  1. Hi, I seriously searched for a while now. But i can't seem to find the right (or any) answer. So please excuse me if i overlooked something and point me there! I recently started experimenting with VM's on my Unraid server. It is an old PC so no "real server" hardware. (Intel i5-4670k and about 12gigs of DDR3 RAM) Anyway, i want to migrate doing my programming work from my main PC (Windows, which is ofcourse very suboptimal for programming 😉) to a Linux (Ubuntu) VM on my unraid server. I got a Ubuntu VM to work, easy mode. But now comes the hard part. I have a triple monitor setup for my main PC. I would like to have "the same" for my Ubuntu VM. The problem is, i do not know how to get it to work. I tried several different VNC clients. Spanning it "full screen" over all 3. Which just gives me 2 black screens and the main screen in the middle. Ubuntu is only detecting 1 screen (ofcourse??). Where should i look? Configuring Ubuntu to trick it into using more screens? A good VNC viewer? Is it something on unRaid? Or do i need a non integrated GPU for this kind of stuff? In a few days i will have a XFX Radeon HD 7970 Double Dissipation available, but it seems kind of overkill as i am not going to game on the server. I just want to work within a VM. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thing is, the webshop wants me to send in the HDD for "inspection and replacement". So dual parity is no option. But i guess i got it figured out. Hopefully. Thank you for the information though! Maybe it will help in the future.
  3. Great! Thank you! So i can easily replace the parity disk. Good to know. Thank you very much. I will read the parity page also.
  4. Hey Unraid! Loving this OS atm. Using it for a few months now. Having panic mode on at the moment. Long story short: Wanted to migrate HDD's (3 disks, 2x 3TB and 1x 6TB) to a new server. When i unplugged the 6TB power cable, apparently something broke off. (The plastic underneath the golden connector pins of the SATA power port). It is my parity drive so i went a bit into panic mode. The plastic was somehow still a bit stuck in the PSU of the old server. So, i carefully placed the power connector back, thinking i will migrate later and hopefully get it back to work again. It worked. So now my server is still on the old hardware, afraid to unplug the power SATA as i probably cannot replug it anymore. I mailed the web shop, they want me to send it in for replacement. Now i have a few questions: Can i just shut down my server, unplug the parity drive. Wait for replacement and reboot the server with a replacement once it arrives and expect everything to work as normal? Or do i need to do some magic here? I can not place both drives in there and first sync parity on the new one of course. Or place back the old one if it fails. The array probably wont start without a parity drive huh? So, i wont be able to access my data for the time being? But is it safe to do this? Please, help me get my mind at ease. Thank you for the replies.