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  1. should it not be in terminal?
  2. I found this on the wiki Add CPU scaling for AMD systems Problem: You have AMD CPU's and on the Dashboard, your CPU speeds never drop below their maximum. That means you are always using higher power, even when not needed (increasing your electric bill). Suggested fix: Add the line below to the config/go file; you can also run it right now at a command prompt modprobe powernow_k8 where is the config/go file location?
  3. is it in another section other than cpu scaling governor?
  4. cpu fx-8320. mobo- sabertooth 990fx r2.0 Your CPU is running constantly at 100% and will not throttle down when its idle (to save heat / power). This is because there is currently no CPU Scaling Driver Installed. the above is from the fix common problems plugin My server uses about 170 watt constantly. regardless of actual cpu load. The motherboard setting has been set to factory default and checked to see that power saving has been enabled. (as far as I know) Any ideas?
  5. I clicked update all for all my modules at once. I posted it to pi-hole and it's a known issue. this seems to be the suggested fix though I'm unsure how to actually do it lol
  6. not sure if this is the correct place to post possible bugs for unraid-pihole or pi-hole itself as I'm not sure what's the issue upon updating to Pi-hole v5.2.4 Web Interface v5.4 FTL v5.7 when pi-hole restarts the dns server automatically resets to google dns. I had set it as cloudflare. Tested a 2nd time and it reverted back to google. Unsure if I'm the only one with the issue as I have not seen it posted with a simple google search. The issue seems to only happen with restart. Changing DNS and clicking save seems to set the DNS to the one you w
  7. I ended up using windows vm. It works well enough for my use case without the added hassle. I just wish there is an easy way to back up VM for obvious reasons.
  8. I couldn't access it for 2 days but since I didn't get any help from the forum so I left it running as I had other things to do. I came back today due to this reply and just tried the web UI and it was working. No idea what is going on at all. on a side note. is there a way to get openvpn files onto iphone's openvpn connect app without being on the network? or is there another openvpn app in the appstore that would work? edit nvm. It seems I needed to have https:// in front for it to work correctly.
  9. How do I get a log to give the information needed?
  10. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I just updated to unraid 6.8.1 and updated openvpn-as but now it doesn't work. (unable to connect with phone like before). I also can not pull up the web gui as well. I deleted the open-vpn from the docker and reinstalled but it still doesn't have websui. it simply says unable to connect. Also I connected to it right before the server update and docker update just fine. Any ideas what is going on?