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  1. Thanks for replying. I actually tried emailing supermicro support as well and this is the reply I got from them You tried the 3.4 bios release June 2020 on the official site? I don't need NVMe boot so I will try that out. I just want to confirm because I don't think I can downgrade to 3.3 beta once upgraded.
  2. Where did you get this from? Have you tested it with the Asus Hyper M2 or some other card? I have already sold off my Hyper M2 but if someone can confirm this works in particular with the M2 I don't mind getting a new one.
  3. Hi all, I currently possess a X9DRi-F board and a Hyper M.2 card but after extensive testing and research, it seems that it is impossible to make bifurcation work with this combination even though the BIOS clearly has such an option. As a result, I have decided I would need to source for another motherboard. Everything else I have runs on the X9 infrastructure so it would be great if the suggestions were for X9. I also need 3x x16 slots and 1x x8, preferably with the x16s spaced out as I am planning to install double slot width cards. Alternatively, if anyone managed to make the Hyper M.2 card show 4 drives with the X9DRi-F, I would also love to hear about it. Thanks!