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  1. After some more exploring, the container for Mylar3 can not reach the internet. This is why its not working ylar.locg.58 : ThreadPoolExecutor-0_0 : HTTPSConnectionPool(host='', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /newcomics.php?week=39&year=2020 (Caused by NewConnectionError('<urllib3.connection.HTTPSConnection object at 0x1481dab4bdc0>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 110] Operation timed out')) it is my only container that can not reach the net. Not sure why
  2. Hello everyone, I am not new to Mylar but new to using it in unraid. I have not touched mylar in years and recently stood up Ubooquity so naturally I needed to get Mylar back up and running, in unraid of course.... LOL. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Mylar is not pulling in my comics. I do not know if its how the file structure is or something wrong I am doing in mylar. Physically they are stored in folder with in UNRAID, then attached to the container as the host path of /comics The location where I have my comics is set up like the following att
  3. I wanted to come back and share, thank you for the suggestions everyone. I updated the motherboard and CPU. Your right, it is night and day !!
  4. Hey everyone. I just bought this APC this past weekend - Model &nbsp;BN1350M2 -- Back-UPS Pro 1350VA 10-Outlet/2-USB Battery Back-Up and Surge Protector Is there a way to get unraid to report the model number correctly ? See below this is how my unraid is seeing this APC
  5. I figured out how to add labels to the docker containers in unraid, is there a way to do it with out using the GUI ? want to apply to other containers with out manually adding around 7 lines per container
  6. I am trying to also set up traefik and not grasbing labels yet in unRaid HEre is an example of labels I want to use in unraid # the basic labels to enable traefik to forward on port 443 to the ombi docker image traefik.enable=true traefik.http.routers.ombi.entrypoints=websecure traefik.http.routers.ombi.rule=Host(``) # Specify the port your service should connect to (Optional if there is only one port) # to tell traefik to try get a letsencrypt cert for your domain traefik.http.r
  7. that is good to know !! thanks for sharing, I will work on upgrading my processer. See below, this is CPU being idle, when i screen shot this none of the dockers where doing anything
  8. Hello everyone I am new to UNraid and wanted to get some opnions from everyone A friend gave me the following hardware to get started and I have a questions if I updated the CPU if everyone things I would get a big performance change currently I am running the following dockers, Plex, NZBget, Sonarr/Radarr with the following CPU / motherboard and the CPU maxes out on a regular basis memory - 16GB : (4) HyperX Fury 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR4 2400MHz DRAM Processor - Intel BX80662G4400 Pentium Processor G4400 3.3 GHz Power Supply - Rosewill Quark Series 750