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  1. Hi All, How can we request that port 80 on the template be marked as optional? No one in their right mind should be publishing this and it prevents me from auto-updating..
  2. @mgutt - this is becoming a must for any administrator. For two reasons: Malware/ransomware traversing the network once a device is infected. Having ufw could minimse the possibility. Children.. Those things are getting smarter everyday and those that are interested will dive into any machine to see what they can find. The above is just my point of view. For others running Unraid in their business, they will have a lot more reasons. My use case: Limit inbound traffic to port 443 where nginx will forward to Authelia, or the likes..
  3. The reason for 3 interfaces on the same subnet was to minimise latency and have some access control of web, docker, and pihole. Each on a different interface. I actually gave up on this idea shortly after my post and since 6.8.3, started using custom br0. Will also be looking at a 10gb adapter in the near future.
  4. Hi All, I'm wanting to change my default route in Unraid, but obviously using cli it will revert after a restart. I thought that adding a metric would change this but I've tried setting the below metrics and opposing the metrics with no luck. Some background on my interfaces: eth0: bonding = disabled, bridging = enabled, metric = 1 - bond name = br0 eth1: bonding = disabled, bridging = enabled, metric = 2 - bond name = br1 eth2: bonding = disabled, bridging = enabled, metric = 3 - bond name = br2 eth0 is my mobo interface and the others are a pcie dual port card. All interfaces have a static ip. My questions: How can I force my default route gateway to br0 rather than br2? Do metrics actually do anything? Also, how can I isolate my host web access to a single interface? Any help appreciated 🙂 I've tried everything I can think of.
  5. Hi All, New to unRaid here and loving it so far. Quick question though. Couldn't find the answer here. Unraid shows my hard drives have 10TB "usable" on the Dashboard and Main pages. What happens when it gets to the actual usable size of 9.2TB? And can this be changed to show the correct usable amount of storage?
  6. After sitting on Windows my whole life, I love that unRaid is not Windows! 😄 I'd love it if I could have multiple arrays! Or native way of using an external array (SAN or NAS). Currently have my Synology NAS connected with unassigned devices.