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  1. Hello, No movement for years. I'm looking for an answer to this question. Also im a bit of a noob for cluster storage so perhaps im barking up the wrong tree. I have one box currently at 90% capacity on the shares, I don't have any more room for drives on this box. Mid tower that has been heavily modified to support 15 hdd and 5 SSDs. Goal: Build new box with more storage. cluster the extra space. I would like the shares to be the same and have any new data save to the new drives on the second box. Bonus: If possible use the exra cpu and or exra gpu
  2. I'm currently in the same boat however rebooting the docker and unraid server have not changed the result. The auth file has user3:passwor1:5 eddited with notepad++ I even created a new connection in the connection manager with the same credentials, different ones too. No luck. All apps have been updated to the latest version. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I have the same problem with the USB controllers from VIA Tech. plus i get device ID duplicates similar to yours. No luck yet on a Fix, GPU drivers might be solved with the correct VM Drivers. Try downloading the latest VirtIO Drivers from Good Luck
  4. I have a similar issue I can check and pass through all 3 devices: usb hub coarair keyboard misc mouse after vm posts only the mouse works and i have tried every port on the pc usb 2 and 3. Im passing through usb2.0.
  5. I love the raid features and VM support. My USB drive dose not post every time and I'm not sure if its Hardware or the usb stick but i have changed out USB drives. Thanks everyone for a great product. - pleased.