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  1. Roger, will do. When my problem returns. I now have all dockers running at the same time and the without issue. I have no idea what changed. If it returns I'll submit the run and log. Thanks.
  2. I'm currently "drinking from the fire hose" and setting up my first Unraid server. I've found what appears to be a conflict between this docker and this same groups Unifi controller docker. I can't have them both running at the same time without losing access to NZBGet. The log fills with "[ERROR] Binding socket failed for ErrNo 98, Address in use". I think I understand what the error signifies but Unraid shows no port conflicts between the two dockers. It also doesn't matter which order I start them in, if both are running at the same time, NZBGet loses. While the lo
  3. Unraid noob here, but it looks like this feature is something that I need as well. Specifically, I have a Zerotier docker running that only uses the cache drive. If I make a change on the server that requires stopping and starting the array then the docker shuts down and I lose access to the server. I only have remote access to the server so this is a huge issue.