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  1. 11 minutes ago, Squid said:

    You're still bypassing the system.  The appropriate place to mount any additional volumes would be within /mnt/disks.  The GUI has controls within it to prevent users from installing a VM to RAM etc.


    And, as the OS evolves and the developers notice errors that they never thought of that users make, controls will be put into place to prevent that from happening.


    Yeah, I just saw it, see the edit.


    But it's nonsense when everything works outside /mnt (e.g. Docker) but VM isn't working anymore since 6.10.


    Ty. Anyway, I guess it's time to switch the system.




    Working in Docker and anywhere else. 


  2. 53 minutes ago, Squid said:

    Offset - Visual thing only, and a bug report already posted about it.


    Paths - You're bypassing the system and using ZFS to store all of your files, and the GUI doesn't take that into consideration, so you have to type everything in -> by design



    I can't download the virt-win ISO anymore because the path doesn't exist according to the UI and as shown in the console output the path exists and has the right permission. 

    Check the screenshot (4. Storage path invalid).


    I had non of these issues before 6.10.



    Ok, apparently since 6.10 the user is FORCED to use a folder in /mnt?!


    When I bind (mount -o bind) the folder /deadpool/VM to /mnt/user/VM its working.


    That's just nonsense.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Squid said:
    Jun 25 14:29:53 Deadpool zed[8747]: zed_udev_monitor: skip /dev/loop2 (in use by btrfs)
    Jun 25 14:29:53 Deadpool kernel: BTRFS info (device loop2): enabling ssd optimizations
    Jun 25 14:29:53 Deadpool root: Resize device id 1 (/dev/loop2) from 1.00GiB to max
    Jun 25 14:29:53 Deadpool zed[8747]: zed_udev_monitor: skip /dev/loop2 (in use by btrfs)


    Try rebooting


    Yeah reboot works but as soon as I stop and start VM manually I have the same issue and I can reboot again.  So that's not a solution. It worked before 6.10.x


    Also all the paths are broken and offset and they worked before 6.10.x