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  1. I started my Unraid server before Christmas. I have not done too much with it so far, it just runs PLEX. So I'd like to start over, from scratch and put in place some better practices I have since learnt. So what I'd like to be sure of... if I used the same USB drive I am using now, as its GUID has been logged... Would I run into any issues by rerunning the install tool onto this drive? - Thanks in advanced.
  2. Thank you! This fixed the issue for me, notably this bit: "Since mapped drives are user-centric, that Admin user context will not have the (same) drives, and you'll have to map them for that user context once the command window is open as Adminsitrator, e.g. by running net use <letter>: \\<server>\<share>. "
  3. Hello, I am new. I was told about UnRaid about two months ago. Just built a Ryzen 8 core PC with 24GB or RAM for gameing. So it was the perfect time to try UnRaid.... I was blown away! "One thing you like most about Unraid" The value it offers. With the use of VMs, Docker, Parity.... I can do so much stuff the I used to do across multiple computers. One thing you'd like to see added to the OS in 2020. Controls to snapshot or back up a VM or Docker configurations you got right. I messed up my gaming VMs XML and the easiest was out was to start the installer over.