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  1. Yea it appears the container isn't properly creating the directory/file but you can manually generate them. Something to fix in the dockerfile?
  2. You are right, I was just confused. I kept seeing the older version in my console. I was able to force unraid to redownload the image and now all is fine. Thanks!
  3. I was able to start the container just fine in unraid but the file is no where to be found. Where should it exist? Do I need to generate it myself? Thanks!
  4. I was wondering how much work and how long it takes to update the Minecraft Bedrock server container after a large update to minecraft bedrock like the one it just got. Anything I can do to help with that? I appreciate how much work goes into those things. Thanks!
  5. I really love how easy it is to manage drives and shares. Coming from a drobo recently makes unraid a dream. I would love to see a feature that made community containers (apps) featured natively. Needing a plugin to find other plugins seemed odd.