Recommendations for hardware needed.


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My old server starts to get old, and i need some advice to upgrade.

at moment i have

2x e5520

32gb ram ddr3

Motherboard: Tyan 7002 S7002WGM2NR

2x LSI Logic SAS 9211-8i

11x hdd 2x ssd

2U case with sas backplane


I think  upgrade to Ryzen 7 2700X or better ( even this cpu has like 3 times more power :D )


Not sure what case i should use, it does not have to be fancy or pretty ( server is hidden away anyways ), it can be like 4U or tower, im planning to add a graphics card for plex.


It would be nice if new case has SAS backblane where i can use SFF-8087 connectors but there is no problem if its SFF-8087 -> SATA.

For the future there should be like 16 spaces for hdd.


One case that i foundäuse/html/product/1544197?


All suggestions/ideas to cpu, psu, motherboard, ram and other hardware are also welcome.


The hardware should be available in Europe.



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