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Is there a way to create another user for the webGui? I would like to allow access for another for docker management and monitoring without handing over root login. I don't even mind them having access to full settings as long as root is ultimately root and i can delete them late if need be.


Thanks in advance.

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I really could use this. I use my personal server for an OpenSource Linux project so giving my team members access would be really handy.

I'd like to see

1. Multiple users enabled for WebUI (simple checkbox within the user profile would be nice)
2. Different levels of access. (Example: Restart VMs, VM Access, but not Creation/Deletion or root host shell access)
3. Log Users login and change actions (VM/docker reboot, deletion, creation, etc)

Just some SMB features could be handy.

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Hi everyone.
I might be resurrecting an old post, but do we have any update on this?
As this multi-user right capability been implemented on recent version of UnraidOS.

We just got a PC running 6.9.2 and this functionality don't seem to be there yet.



Edit : Shared in the Feature Requests sections


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