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I enabled View signatures under Account Settings > Signature. I also filled in my own signature describing my configuration as accurately as possible, within the limit of 5 lines of text (no image). Obviously that can help when I raise any support request.


Sometime I can see other's signatures as well as mine at the end of the posts, but most of the time I see no signature at all, including mine. I use Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88 (64 bits).

Do I miss something obvious, or is it a known issue of the forum ?

Thanks in advance for your replies.


PS : as usual, when reporting a random issue, it disappears. After submitting my post and editing it, I can now see my sig ! 👿

PPS : I can see signatures (including mine) on this section of the forum, but no signature at all in the "Prereleases" section I'm active on. Maybe a per section setting ?

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That's pity signatures are off in the Bugs section, it's probably the section where they would be the most useful, as generally people describe their configuration in details in their sig ...

At least it's the same for everybody, thanks for the replies

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