Supermicro 45 Bay


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This is a JBOD DAS. No rear connectors for a motherboard. It has two backplanes (24 and 21 drives). You can connect an external HBA like LSI-9300-8e at the IN-ports at the rear and connect other DAS enclosures at the OUT-ports at the rear. The backplanes come with expanders for these connections. On the pictures you can see EL2 type backplanes. These have expander and failover features.


These boxes are heavy, professional and loud as hell. I love them. I've build several SC846 with corresponding DAS enclosures for Unraid. The biggest had 72 drives.


With the current Unraid license rules you need several licenses and HBAs passed thru because 45 drives require two or more arrays.


I would like to build new systems with SC847 DAS but I don't know how to pass thru 21 drives to a second array instead of an additional HBA. I have some fear that Unassigned Devices has problems with dozens drives on the main page.



***Edit***: The mentioned system with 72 drives, 3 enclosures, 2*2690v2, Nvidia 1050ti, 3*HBA, 196GB RAM, 2*1TB M.2 draws around 700W.


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