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Bonjour tout le monde,


Depuis ce matin j'ai un souci avec ce docker.


Voilà les logs qui tourne en boucle:


Use --help for more information.
Starting container with revision: a4d65774f855a04070766e53346661f48c76fa0e
Creating TUN device /dev/net/tun
mknod: /dev/net/tun: File exists
Using OpenVPN provider: NORDVPN
Provider NORDVPN has a custom setup script, executing it
Downloading user specified config. NORDVPN_PROTOCOL is set to: UDP
2020-12-15 10:49:44 Checking curl installation
2020-12-15 10:49:44 Removing existing configs
2020-12-15 10:49:44 Selecting the best server...
2020-12-15 10:49:44 Searching for group: legacy_p2p
2020-12-15 10:49:44 Searching for technology: openvpn_udp
2020-12-15 10:49:44 Best server :
2020-12-15 10:49:44 Downloading config: default.ovpn
2020-12-15 10:49:44 Downloading from:
2020-12-15 10:49:44 Using OpenVPN CONFIG :: sweden
2020-12-15 10:49:44 Downloading config: sweden.ovpn
2020-12-15 10:49:44 Downloading from:
Starting OpenVPN using config sweden.ovpn
Modifying /etc/openvpn/nordvpn/sweden.ovpn for best behaviour in this container
Setting OpenVPN credentials...
adding route to local network via dev eth0
Options error: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in /etc/openvpn/nordvpn/sweden.ovpn:1: html (2.4.9)

Avez-vous rencontré un souci similaire ?


Merci d'avance 



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