UDMA CRC error count rapidly increasing - (Solved)


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I've got an Ryzen  3600 X570 based system with an LSI 9207-8i SAS2.1 card. I have connected two brand new 12TB WD shucked drives to it using a mini-SAS to SATA cable.


Initially, I connected only one drive and began using it as a file share and only copied a few things across to it (mostly as a test). All looked good with it after a few days so I added the second 12tb drive and configured this as the parity drive and the parity disk began being built. That was when the UDMA CRC error count began to shoot up. It's at 87 after about 30 minutes combined across several rebuilds of the parity.


I've checked the cable connections multiple times and also swapped the SATA cables between the two drives but the error is occurring consistently on the same drive. All other SMART attributes with the drive are fine. Generally, it seems to be:


With the parity drive not in the array, the error count does not increase. However, could this be only because the drive is largely idle and reading/writing only sporadically?

Also, with both disks in the array, I've noticed the error count only begins to increase after the first 5 or so minutes of building the array. Could this indicate it's card related? ( I bought from a supposedly reputable HK seller that other Unraid users have used).


Other than that, I've done much Googling and commonly this seems to be cable related. I've already ordered a Cable Matters branded cable from Amazon.com but as I live far from the US, this will take some time (and more than doubled the price!). In the meantime, is there any further testing or trouble shooting I can do?


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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@JorgeB Thank you for your help again. The parity drive rebuild has been running for 16 hours now (with 4 remaining) and not a single error. I did two things:


  1. Updated the firmware as you highlighted in the above linked guide. For my card, I needed the P20 installer.
  2. I read elsewhere that tied or bunched SATA cables can cause interference. I gave the cables a little more space.

I suspect it's mostly (1) that did it but noting both in case someone comes across a similar issue in future.


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