Torrents won't auto delete


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10 hours ago, yanksno1 said:

@LintHart When I tried those on my 2 categories (one for tv-sonarr, one for radarr) it wouldn't import. I'm about to give up there haha. Hopefully it'll start working again one day.


@Rick_Sanchez Able to fully set up everything for usenet! Got NZBGet's network path going through my Deluge VPN setup so that's awesome (minus losing the webui llink). Found a few indexers (def costly, but worth it in my opinion). Download speeds are nice! Now need to find an indexer for some older shows (a couple form '07). Weird one of them did have the 1st 2 seasons for that, but not the last 2. But NZBGet does seem to auto delete and move everything properly. Still wondering what's going on with Delgue. 


NZB just seems to “work” and has great speeds. I’d probably stick with them and use deluge for manual or as a backup, but I’ve turned mine off to make life easier. You might be able to join a private indexer for niche stuff!

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Had something happen with my DelugeVPN and a Torrent I was downloading last night. Just stopped working all together so I updated the docker and that seemed to get that going again. But then my NZBGet docker wouldn't load at all. Tried setting it up completely again (deleting the docker app, then the app folder) but for some reason it wouldn't connect mapping to the docker. Tried a couple NZBGet VPN dockers but couldn't get them to connect for whatever reason (competing docker ports, local lan address). Then tried binhex's SABnzbd VPN docker and after a while of trouble shooting finally got that going with the VPN running. So hopefully this will do the job and won't have any conflicts haha. 

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