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Hi All,


Looks like it's time to replace my aging intel Z87-Pro motherboard - the easiest solution is to just pick up a new(er) Z97 board, move over the bits and call it a day. Would there be any reason to jump to something more modern like one of the ASRock X570 boards? (Running 14 drives, if that makes a difference)


Fun fact: I do almost zero with the server as it just functions as a NAS for the house/office. The only thing I run on it really is miniDLNA so I can watch movies on the one TV that won't read the files directly.


Normally I'm a "latest/greatest" person - but until the board started to die a few weeks ago, 6-year old tech was just fine for my uses

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So, I picked up an ASRock X570 PRO4 board yesterday and paired it with a RYZEN 5 3600 - really strange as I can get the server to boot/start just fine - but I can only access the server via the GUI - I get absolutely nothing from a monitor connected directly via hdmi. Makes it a little hard to make any bios adjustments when once can't see the screen (!)


Any tricks I'm unaware of  so I can see the boot screen?

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