AMD GPU randomly disconnects from W10 VM during gaming


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Hi everyone!

I have a gaming vm using a Radeon RX 570. (ASUS ROG Strix, 4GB) Randomly, during gaming (mostly GTAV), the gpu just disconnects from the vm. Most of the time, the whole vm just crashes but this time, it didn't and I was able to catch using VNC that the gpu is no longer listed in Task Manager and in Device Manager, it says that Windows turned off the device because it was faulty or something. (error 43) I have tried messing with the driver. (reinstall)

I also tried messing with Hyper-V. Found some solution codes on forums which I added but still crashes sometimes.


Is there any way to tell Windows not to turn off a fundamental device during gaming? I usually leave the vm turned on, so I don't need to go to the admin site and turn it on. During idling, the vm could run for days, or even weeks without any problem. Mostly under GTAV, it just crashes (under NFSU2 or NFS Hot Pursuit or BeamNG Drive, it's fine). (I could throw it out of the window during a heist...)


Thank you in advance for any help! Getting really annoyed. :((


EDIT: I'm testing it without attaching the sound part of the gpu.

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