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i am still getting this error there is not files on them so i am not sure how to remove them safely if i shut down and then take out and restart says missing disk please help i am sorry i might sound thick but i am find some things hard thanks, the picture below shows one of the disk empty the other is the same thanks again




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18 hours ago, trurl said:

To remove a disk from the array you have to New Config without it and rebuild parity. 

is this the page i need if so which option do i need so i do not lose any data on any of the other drives thanks




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On 1/17/2021 at 3:38 PM, trurl said:

Preserve All, Apply, unassign the disk you don't want, start the array to begin parity rebuild.

ok thanks for help next question i have a extra SATA card which someone on here said get got new cables but what should i do from  here on the 2 i have taken out going to run on windows 10 PC do some checks on the HDDs thanks for help again 


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Ok so i have a update on the 2 Hard drives been having the problems with i spoke to WD and they gave me a program to test which has been running for last 3 days on both drives results below so i do not know what is wrong SATA card new cables new HDDs fine ??????



disc 1 test.jpg

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