Help: Drives are not recognized by Unraid

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在Unraid 6.7.2系统上,总共有3个硬盘,磁盘1是SSD,在此SSD硬盘上安装了docker和vms,磁盘2和3是用于存储数据的机械硬盘,现在磁盘的状态1为“丢失”,阵列状态停止。我当前的要求如下:



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6 hours ago, safemode said:

status of disk 1 is "missing",

Are you sure it's even plugged in?  Can you see it within the BIOS?

6 hours ago, safemode said:

The most important thing is, disk 2 and disk 3 can be recovered, how to recover them.

Not quite sure what you mean by this.  They haven't failed.  


6 hours ago, safemode said:

can the previously installed docker be installed automatically?

The necessary information is stored on the flash drive.  But, all of the meta data for the apps (eg: your library information in Plex) was stored within the appdata share which is (presumably) on the now missing disk 1.

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13 hours ago, Squid said:

Not quite sure what you mean by this.  They haven't failed.  

Thank you for your help.

Please check my updated screenshot, I can't see the data of hard disk 2 and disk 3 in unraid now, what should I do to see the data.

I have purchased a new SSD hard drive to replace the broken one.

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