Z490 Multi-Core Enhancement

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Interesting read: https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3590-dont-run-z490-motherboards-with-default-settings-for-your-build


In my particular case, I just picked up an i9-10900 (non k), and couldn't figure out why the Intel stock Cooler wouldn't do anything at all to cool down the chip under load.  Sure, stock coolers aren't all that great, but they are designed to handle the CPUs in a non OC situation.


But, when I'm running a simple passmark benchmark on a VM and watching the CPU temp go over 100C I know that there's something very wrong somewhere.


A little investigation, and I see that all of the cores are hitting 5GHz+, which I know is way way out of spec for the chip.  Look at the BIOS, and all of the power settings are set to be "Auto", which when reading the manual (Gigabyte Z490 Vision G) means that it utilizes the specs of the processor.  Couldn't be more wrong.  Some further investigation reveals that by Auto Gigabyte means Maximum, which means it was setting the max TDP as 4096 watts.  


Manually set it back down to where it's actually supposed to be (65Watts), and everything starts working perfectly.  Chip nice and cool even at full load.


Nice of the MB manufacturer's to actually force you to enable XMP, but they default the BIOS to knowingly run the chips way out of spec.


Something to be aware of for any one who doesn't OC, (or who does OC but still wants the chip to survive it)


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I have a gigabyte b460 DS3H with a i5-10400.  lower end specs but I have not seem the same issues with a hot cpu.

The only real change was enabling XMP for faster RAM. The z490 being more a 'gamer' board may default to max out performance.


the gigabyte manual is VERY bare-bones, I had to pull a Asus b460 manual to make sense of some of the settings as asus better explains what some of them do with the occasional picture.


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