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Switched from Windows Server to Unraid today and I want to encrypt my array. Is it possible encrypt the array and cache on the initial setup, or do I have to wait until the parity sync is done? The wiki says i have to stop the array and add encryption to each drive, but that sounds like I have to wait till the sync is done, but would be sweet if I could do it now, and not wait 13 hours :)


Also, is there there a huge loss in performance with encryption? I've got a Supermicro motherboard with 2x Xeon E5-2620 v2 CPUs and 128GB memory.


Any help is much appreciated!



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You can add encryption at any time.    It just involves reformatting the affected disks to an encrypted format.   Parity is not aware of encryption as it works at the raw sector level but if you do the formats whole parity is syncing they will run slightly slower due to contention on the drives.    However format is fast enough that this may not matter.

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