First time Cache used, slow Mover?

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I watched the video from spaceinvaderone, very good videos by the way, to add my cache to the server. I first build the system with only the array active and moved all my data to it. Then I setup my dockers I wanted and last night set up my parity drive. This was done in about 9hrs. Now I wanted to add my cache, a SSD 500GB parity drive. I checked the recommend shares (appdata,system and domains) to make sure they were set to Prefer, which they were. I started the array, formatted the SDD, then invoked the mover. My appdata is moving over but super slow. Its been 15min and I only have 900MB transferred?? Seems very slow. My ports speed is SATA2 (200-300MB/s) for that SSD shouldn't be a problem. Any thoughts?


Whats the best way to check the Cache speed?

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Ok.... not sure. I didnt finish the dang video... i went in and disabled the VMs and Docker (set to NO) and hit the move command and now its cranking...


I know I'm a newb at unRaid, not sure what the deal was...


I believe for all my standard shares that I want to use the cache drive for "Yes" is the setting for the cache? this sounds like the correct setting. 


"Prefer" was just for my VMs and Docker containers. I assume that the "!" (attached photo) triangle in my Shares tab have those shares Domain, Appdata and System as a concern because they no longer exist on the array and are not backed by parity?


thanks you for the help.





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Another check you can make. Go to Shares - User Shares and click Compute All button at bottom, will take a while to produce results and you may need to refresh page. That will show you how much of each disk each User Share is using, so you can see if appdata, domains, system is all on cache. The triangles in your previous screenshot just means some is not protected but doesn't really indicate it is all on cache.

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