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Hey guys,


Forgive me if this is in the wrong place. Please move if it is :)


So, recently I've been having a couple of issues. And long story short, it turned out to be one of my installed apps.


S3-Sleep, was causing a bug for me, where my shares and Docker, would not start up from a cold boot after an S3-Sleep shutdown. I only realised this app was the problem, after going into the apps menu, and looking at my installed apps, there was the little exclamation(!) mark. If i wasnt curious i would have not found that, and would probably still be looking for my fix.


I have had the S3-Sleep app installed for so long, the issues have been found and noted, after I had it installed. So, I never saw the known issues warning. I'm just thinking that I only found S3 has issues because i went looking to see if there was anything, and not becasuse i was made aware of the known issues. Why would i ever need to go back to the app install page? Unless i was curous, fed up, and bored?


My thought would be for Fix common Problems, (or the Plugins update) to warn users of newly found issues. Could include an "ignore this warning".

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