Organizing Dockers better for debug?


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When my server has issues I open a console and look at the processes with top in an attempt to figure out what is going on.


However, since every docker runs things as root, I can see many process running, all owned by root.  A common one is find.  Now how do I figure out which docker, or the unRaid OS itself is running find and why?  I do have my mover scheduled to only run at 1AM so I don't think it is unRaid.


So how does everyone else deal with this?  Can you setup the dockers to have their own user and create a user for each docker by name? I could then at least see which docker owns which process.


Currently I'm trying to debug why my minecraft server is lagging and shutting down.  It has 16GB of memory allocated, but only uses 5GB.  I've pinned it to a specific core.  I do see mysqld and find running constantly and large wa states.  I think this is the cause of the minecraft server shutting down do to "lag".




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